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No Rioting Please

That was the headline on Day 1 of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial earlier this week. LIsten, if you're Trump's lawyer, your argument shouldn't have been 'well, you can't convict Donald Trump of Impeachment because there will be rioting in every major city in this country.' That's not how it works. Either Trump should have been guilty or innocent on his own merits. Trump's lawyers using the "Too Big To Fail" argument was offensive. But it's a moot point now, because Trump was acquitted.

Also this week, it was revealed that Derek Chauvin was willing to take a plea deal of 10 years for third degree murder in exchange for no federal prosecution. Attorney General William Barr put the kibosh on that. Chauvin's trial could potentially set off more riots from the Blue Team.

No more riots.

All you Trumpy loyalists put your energies into starting a third party. And all you Black Lives Matter rioters, instead of burning down cities, you start a fourth party. Let's have it out at the ballot box. On the streets, Cops can tape rioters and rioters can tape cops. That should take out some of the biases that journalists have narrating over the past 4 years. (That'll work for about 2 minutes before a new set of biases are exploited.)

I am telling you, Trump may go away, but not his spoiled, snot-nosed kids. And Chauvin may be willing to cut a deal, but the 3 other cops in the George Floyd case are going to get off because they used procedures found in police manuals. The problems of today aren't getting solved, they are getting deferred. No rioting, 4 political parties, let's see what holds up in the arena of ideas.

Editor's Note:

If Chauvin is found not guilty then you can riot-

Burn Minneapolis to the ground, because that would be a miscarriage of justice.


Marjorie Taylor Greene is a horrible human being, but she was voted to Congress by a fair vote in her Congressional District in Georgia. If you want to kick her out of Congress for being an extremist, I have no problem with that.....

As long as you define what an extremist is, and then apply the same litmus test to individuals on both sides of the political spectrum. If you did that, Ilhan Omar would also be booted from Congress, because she is as far left as Taylor-Greene is to the far right.

I am confident that the new BLM Party and the new Trump Conspiracy Party would have rude awakenings in 2024 without the mechanisms of the 2 major parties to prop them up.


Addendum 2/14/21:

Minneapolis cut $8 million from police budget, hundreds of cops quit, crime spiked, Minneapolis forced to spend almost all money cut from police budget to hire hundreds of new cops.

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