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Nottingham Forest's Impossible Dilemma

In 2021-2022, Nottingham Forest was in its 14th consecutive year of Championship play in the English Soccer Pyramid. Just like all teams in the Championship, they hoped to return to the Premier League. Unfortunately, the team started 1-6-2 and the season was nearly over before it even began, as the team fired its coach only a month into play.

By January of 2022, Nottingham had climbed from the relegation zone to the middle of the table and was playing inspired soccer behind new coach Steve Cooper.

On January 9, I turned on ESPN+ to watch the third round of the FA Cup and saw NF stun Arsenal. Forest then went on to upset Leicester City and Huddersfield Town on their way to the Quarterfinals where they were finally downed by Liverpool.

I was impressed with Nottingham Forrest and hoped that this would be the year they were promoted.

On May 29, Forrest beat Huddersfield Town again to earn their promotion.

Then something startling happened. Nottingham Forrest spent around $150 million on 22 players and then either loaned out, or transferred out, most of the team that led them to the Premier League.

So a month into the season, Forrest finds itself dead last at the top of the soccer pyramid with a 1-6-1 record.

All headlines at the Daily Mail were in the last 48 hours.

I mean, Nottingham Forest is screwed, right?

What can they do?

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