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Our Evening with Hair Metal Hits

My son was working the Dunk Booth at the local street festival when inclement weather approached. We didn't want him to get stuck in the storm waiting for us to return, so we lingered around and checked out the musical fare.

I heard Ava Rowland from afar and wandered over to her performance. There was a mud pit in front of her stage, so the audience was fairly sparse. I returned to my wife and said, "Rowland may not be very good, but she's a local kid, we should support her. "

My wife retorted, "she's not a local kid. She actually does the Mall Circuit."

I was stunned. "Well if that's the case, she's terrible. Is there another stage?"

On the other side of the concourse, there was an 80's Hair Metal Cover Band cranking out the obligatory hits. For what they were, they weren't bad.

But after I heard four songs, I wondered aloud "can't I just see the original bands at local Fairs?"

Motley Crue: NO!

I have really soured on the Crue since the whole Mick Mars debacle.

Tonight they are playing in Omaha, Nebraska in a baseball stadium.

$11 Nosebleed

$250 Front Stage Section

Survivor: Eh, no.

Instead of County Fairs, Survivor is playing the Casino Circuit.

Next week, they'll be in West Wendover, Nevada.

$19-49 for Casino Hall

Night Ranger: Yes.

Next week, you can catch them in Escanaba, Michigan.

They are the headliner at the Upper Peninsula State Fair.


Bon Jovi: Hard to say.

When Bon Jovi came back in 2022 for a very short tour, that avoided major markets, Jon Bon Jovi was savaged in the press for sounding terrible. When almost every active band is touring now, Bon Jovi is on the sidelines.

Now here's the catch-22. If the band is sick of Jon, they can't really replace him, his name is on the marquee. They would be able to find a replacement singer, but a new name for the band would be problematic. If Jon is sick of the band and wants to go solo, he can't get past the fact that his voice is gone.

Would a Bon Jovi band without Jon be playing county fairs?

That would be their ceiling, they'd probably be playing in that muddy field in the slot before Ava Rowland.

Editor's Note: Just a reminder, we are not fond of Hair Metal at Beacon of Speech.

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