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Philippe Naughton is a Delusional Hack

"The U.K. government's chief legal officer has been accused of trying to “curb investigative journalism” after a heavy-handed warning to newspaper editors to tread carefully in their coverage of sexual abuse and rape allegations against the comedian Russell Brand.

In contrast to the anything-goes world of U.S. journalism, where freedom of the press and free speech itself are constitutionally protected, British reporters have long had to contend with strict contempt of court laws designed to prevent news coverage prejudicing free trials." - Philippe Naughton @ The Daily Beast.

Uh, wow.

I mean, if there was a law where you could be put in jail for blatantly lying, Naughton would be in prison. The English Tabloids are some of the most reckless reporters in the Western World. Did, maybe, A tabloid hold back on reporting Russell Brand's antics? Possibly. Did they ALL back off of the Russel Brand Story? The chances of that are nearly zero. If one tabloid smelled something even remotely salacious, they would either be all over it, or blackmail the subject for an interview. I am not breaking news here, I am stating public knowledge. They don't seem, as a group, to have any loyalties, though some tend to treat favored celebrities, those that give them access, with kid gloves.

The Daily Beast, on the other hand, is fearless when attacking the Right. If you dig into their archives, I believe they've relentless attacked Donald Trump and his clan for about 8 years now. Do they have an "anything goes" philosophy when reporting on Donald Trump? I would say that's a fair statement.

Does the Daily Beast have an "anything goes" philosophy when reporting on the Biden Family? Oh, they certainly do not. I can't remember any left-leaning politician or celebrity getting hammered in the press there. Maybe a mild spanking for centralist lefties for not leaning left enough, but I challenge you to show me 2 critical stories of any far-leftist in the same calendar year from the Beast.

You can't because those stories don't exist.

For Naughton to celebrate the U.S. Press as "anything goes," he is literally trying to re-define what "anything goes" means.

Which is astoundingly arrogant.


The Daily Beast's owner, Barry Dillar, put the for sale sign up in front of the company in January.

9 months later, Dillar is either going to have to sell for pennies on the dollar, or fold.

Where's the fearless reporting associated with the Daily Beast's plight?

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