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Problematic Music 2021

Earlier this week, Joe Biden banned the term Illegal Alien from the government.

We here at Beacon of Speech don't like it when words are banned....

....for stupid reasons.

Shortly after Biden took office, I thought some of this cancel culture shit would subside. It has not.

Evil Marilyn Manson has been cancelled....for being evil.

Every time I turn around, Phoebe Bridgers is taking a run at 76 year old Eric Clapton.

Back in 2011, there was a movement to ban Money for Nothing by Dire Straights. Things simmered down, but then earlier this year the band found controversy anew.

A few months back, I posted an article with a link to the Atlanta Rhythm Sections' song So Into You. When doing some Beacon of Speech housecleaning, I noticed that the link had disappeared. Not just that link, but a number of links to ARS songs. Their crimes? Confederate imagery in the 70's.

Another "Problematic" song in 2021? Apparently Walk on the Wild Side.

Earlier this year, convicted pedophile Gary Glitter made news when he received a Covid shot ahead of the general population in Great Britain.

Just so we're all in agreement here. Pedophiles should be cancelled, right?

I was actually listening to the album Kiss Alive while writing this list and found this article at Buzzfeed. Yesterday.

15 Problematic Songs I Honestly Can't Believe Were Ever "Okayed"

One of the "offenders" was this "pedophile anthem." Again, not my words, but Buzzfeed's.

People keep taking runs at Morrissey, from the British Tabloids, to Independent Media, to the Simpsons. His crime? Being a jerk.

Other cancelled jerks this year? Covid Jerk Ted Nugent.

And Tic Tokkers tried to cancel motor-mouthed jerk Eminem. His crime? Bad words.

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