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Props to Donald Trump

We do not like Donald Trump here at Beacon of Speech.

But I'll tell you what, you've got to give him credit. Last night, REPUBLICAN NOMINEE Donald Trump was heckled mercilessly at the LIBERTARIAN NATIONAL CONVENTION.

It takes a brass set of balls to walk into an arena where people openly hate you and give a speech.

As a Libertarian-leaning website, if we were at that convention, we would have been like the angry mob in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon, chucking rotten fruit at the stage. We, too, would have screamed and heckled Donald Trump. We would have accepted the challenge of trying to hit a moving target.

As usual, places like CNN, the Huffington Post and ABC News all gleefully reported on Trump's travails at the Washington Hilton.

But Donald Trump going to that convention was....actually pretty smart.

Right now at fivethirtyeight polling:

Trump 41%

Biden 40%

RFK Jr. 10%

(Undecided) 9%

Now, traditionally, third party candidates tend to trail off right before the general election. The Trump Cult is locked in at around 40%. No trial is going to change that. Nothing Trump says is going to change that. Nothing Trump does is going to change that.

But there is still a sizable "Never Biden" contingency. If Trump can hold his 40, and if RFK Jr. can only get some traction, I think his ceiling is 25%.

Simple math dictates this:

Trump 40%

Biden 35%

RFK Jr. 25%

That's a Reagan-esque electoral vote landslide for Donald Trump

Someone in that Trump Campaign is good with numbers. All the campaign manager would have had to say to Trump is this: "RFK Jr. cannot win. Every vote for RFK Jr. is a vote for Trump." Even Donald Trump can understand that simple message.

Back in the year 2013, Donald Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. (Yes, seriously.) That angry audience last night was probably no worse than at a WWE event. If Donald Trump wanted to reach independent voters, he went to the perfect place.

And, I cannot stress this enough, Joe Biden didn't go. Biden conveniently didn't even broach the topic. But let's say Biden was tricked into giving a speech at the convention, what would have happened when the crowd turned on him?

Joe Biden would have shit his pants and then his handlers would have whisked him away.

Was Donald Trump so smart that I am now going to vote for him? Uh no.

Using Libertarians is nothing more than an RNC ploy to win yet another election. (Unless, of course, RFK Jr. pulls the upset of the ages.)

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