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Roger Goodell: Humanitarian of the Year (Sarcasm)

Part of the danger of writing a Blog is that people can see when you're dead wrong. All you have to do is go in the Beacon of Speech archives and you can see my old articles and evaluate my track record.

But today I have to gloat, because I had never been so sure about anything in my life as when I typed, in JUNE of 2020:

Last year, the NFL made about $5 BILLION in TV money alone. In comparison, MLB just signed a $5 billion TV contract for 7 years....combined. The NFL could play on a chalked, empty field with 2 cameras and have 15 million viewers. I would be stunned if the NFL missed one regular season game. It could be raining coronavirus from the sky and they would still play.

Today I went over to AP News and, WOW, imagine my surprise: The Biggest Win: In 2020 the NFL Found Ways to Play Every Game.

Remember that game when the Denver Broncos played with no QB's?

Remember that game when the Cleveland Browns played with no WR's?

Remember when Covid tore through the Ravens Locker room and Goodell kept playing games and fined the Ravens?

Remember when the Steelers were 11-0, the NFL made them play a Wednesday game, then they were 1-4 the rest of the regular season?

Remember when 66 players opted out of the 2020 season?

Remember when the Cleveland Browns practice facility was closed 6 times in 3 weeks?

From a business perspective, Goodell did a great job, because Goodell always minds the interests of the owners.

From a player's perspective, I would be furious. Every time there was a positive test, Goodell went into victim-blaming mode, blaming players for catching the virus, in a pandemic, when they knew well and good it was bad for the business of football.

But I was able to predict the future because I knew Goodell viewed the players as interchangeable parts.

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