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Screw OBJ

Odell Beckham Junior had an undisclosed knee injury in Super Bowl LVI?

Fred: Wah. See Jack Youngblood in Super Bowl XIV.

Average Fan: How old are you grandpa?

Fred: Wah. See Tom Brady's torn MCL in Super Bowl LV.

Average Fan: It's harder to play WR than QB with a torn knee ligament.

Fred: You see OBJ crying when the Rams won? He was standing. If he had a torn ACL, he would have been in a hospital bed writhing in pain. You'll find out later that Cooper Kupp had a concussion when he caught that winning pass and OBJ had something like a sprained knee. Unless OBJ has a fully torn ACL, he can suck it.

Average Fan: Wow, you're a jaded a-hole.

Fred: Calling my shot now.

To be Continued:

p.s. Stan Kroenke can suck it too. I hope the City of St. Louis soaks you in court.

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