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Singled Out

Good thing this article is free or else I'd feel like I was ripping you off.

Last night I was watching network TV and briefly turned on the Masked Singer. Performing on stage was the Baby Alien. I lingered to the end of the song and turned to my wife and said "what's so hard about this? It's Jeff Dunham."

"Excuse me?"

"Jeff Dunham. He's the Baby Alien."

"What? No he's not."

The judges, with their first impressions, "Jenny McCarthy guessed Ralph Macchio, Nicole Scherzinger guessed David Schwimmer, and Ken Jeong guessed Freddie Prinze Jr." - Heavy

Before my wife could guess, I already didn't care about the singer anymore. I was staring at Jenny McCarthy, I used to love her, she was so beautiful. Now she looks like a product. If I had to guess, I would say that she spent over $100, 000 on cosmetic surgeries alone.

I wondered if she could deduct plastic surgery off on her taxes since technically she probably needs it to keep working. What's the worst the IRS can do? Say no and make her refile?

Before I could answer my own questions, I had already turned the channel from Fox to NBC.

"Another game show?" This one was The Wall. I kind of like the Wall. Not enough to actually watch it, but enough not to turn it off if while I'm playing games on my phone. Host Chris Hardwick...

Wait a second. Saturday Night, 8 PM, Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy are hosting game shows on opposite networks at the same time? 25 years after the Cult MTV game show Singled Out. What are the chances of that?

Then I went to wikipedia to steal....

Should I say steal? Uh, "borrow" the Singled Out graphic.

Singled Out is back too??

Where can I watch that? I haven't watched MTV in 20 years.


You know what?

Some days I just shouldn't Blog.

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