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The Oklahoma Thunder Present: LeBron & Bronny James

Today, local nemesis fantasized about LeBron James returning to Cleveland for a third time.

That ain't gonna happen.

What was their premise? In 2023, LeBron can be a Free Agent and Bronny James will graduate from High School. Of course the Cavs will suck, pick the younger James, then his Dad will follow.

Problems with this scenario are numerous.

1. Currently the NBA has the one and done rule and is speculating that because the players don't like it, that the rule could be changed by 2023. Adrian Wojnarowski can't see the rule changing before 2025. I agree with Feliz Na'evad that Bronny won't get to the NBA until 2024 (at the earliest).

2. Note to Sports Hack Aaron Goldhammer: You have been wrong about every major sports prediction since you arrived in Cleveland. When are you going to get it through your thick skull that LeBron James does not give a rat's ass about Cleveland? LeBron James cares about LeBron, his Brand, and then Akron, in that order.

When LeBron James retires, he will be the equivalent of Jim Brown. He'll come around when you PAY him to come around.

3. The Oklahoma City Thunder gutted their team and now have 15 first round draft picks in the next 5 years, and that doesn't include their #17 pick from this year, Aleksej Pokusevski. If Bronny's ceiling is the top of the draft, the Thunder are in the best position to land James' oldest son in 2024.

4. The New Orleans Pelicans have 8 first round draft picks in the next 5 years, a young core, and the Cavs' former GM David Griffin who would probably move mountains for a James/James combo in New Orleans. James didn't leave Cleveland the second time because of his Cavs' Championship GM, but because of the owner Dan Gilbert.

5. If Cleveland didn't learn their lessons in dealing with the Elder James and miraculously choose Bronny, don't look for LeBron to join his son, look for him to pull an Archie Manning and get his kid the hell out of Ohio.

How would LeBron do that?

Look up John Elway.

Look up Eli Manning.

Look up Bo Jackson.

Look up Eric Lindros.

Look up Stevie Franchise.....

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