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This Poor Girl is Dead

You see that poor girl handcuffed to the radiator? Her life is over.

Her name is Daria Trepova and she's accused of giving a popular Russian pro-war blogger a statue with a bomb in it. The Russian Government says they have her on video doing it:

The Russian Government is calling the girl a terrorist.

Daria says she was "set up."

This is just a reminder, Russia is in a war. A real war with real casualties.

Defector Gleb Karakulov made headlines today when he said "Our president has become a war criminal. It’s time to end this war and stop being silent” on Radio Free Europe.

On the same day Gleb's story hit the European Tabloids, every media source in America is focused on the Donald Trump Show.

The first 15 stories at CNN were about Donald Trump. For the record, Donald Trump is being prosecuted for 34 felony counts of engaging in boorish behavior.

Listen, I honestly don't care if Donald Trump goes to jail or not.

Do I think Donald Trump is any more crooked than Hillary Clinton? No, I do not. Politicians, by definition, are not trustworthy. As long as we agree that jailing Trump is the first step to jailing elected officials from both parties, we are cool.

What's going on in Russia is life and death.

What's going on in the United States is PARTISAN THEATER.

Eventually Trump is going to be in big trouble, either because he covered something up or because he breached a gag order. Just like Al Capone wasn't jailed for his crimes, but for tax evasion, Trump's legal team won't be able to keep Donald Trump out of his own way.

Make sure you know the difference between what is going on in Russia and what's going on in America.

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