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Top 10 John Bush-Era Anthrax Songs

Anthrax has always been one of my favorite metal bands, but their history has been complex. (Well, complex for a metal band.) Their structural problems stem from the fact that the leader of the band is the rhythm guitarist, Scott Ian.

How is that a problem? Usually the dynamics of a band focus on the lead singer/lead guitarist collaboration....

Editor's Note: Dude, it is the end of a shitty 2020. Why in the hell are you writing about Anthrax?You wrote, in 2017, "what has Anthrax....been up to for the past 20 years? Suckin' the air out of the room!

During the Pandemic, I listened to a lot of Anthrax, it was like comfort food for my ears. Just a few months ago, 4 of the 5 members from Anthrax's classic lineup nailed Gung Ho for the song's 35th Anniversary.

And even though I'm not an Armored Saint fan, they supposedly put out one of the best Metal albums of 2020. So as the year ends, I find myself re-visiting the Top 10 Anthrax Songs of the John Bush-Anthrax marriage.

10. Piss N Vinegar (1998)

From the underrated Volume 8: The Threat is Real release.

9. This is Not an Exit (1993)

From the Sound of White Noise album. (Disclaimer: Think white noise, not White noise.)

8. Fueled (1995)

From the Stomp 442 album.

7. Ball of Confusion (1999)

I'm still can't believe that this happened. John Bush and Joey Belladonna collaborated on a classic motown cover for the Attack of the Killer A's Greatest Hits compilation.

6. C₁₁ H₁₇ N₂ O₂ S Na (Sodium Pentothal) (1993)

Just a reminder, Sound of White Noise was the last Anthrax album to go Gold.

5. Killing Box (1998)

I'm telling you, if the Volume 8 songs were released on Elektra/Warner, instead of Ignition, they would have been much more popular.

4. Metal Thrashing Mad (Greater of Two Evils Version) (2004)

John Bush did a very nice job covering original Anthrax singer Neil Turbin.

3. American Pompeii (1995)

A melodic sadness and heaviness that captures the spirit of 2020.

2. Only (1993)

Anthrax's highest charting Mainstream Rock single came in the John Bush era.

1. Alpha Male (1998)

This song captures the magical moment of the last time Anthrax was great when recording new material.

You'll notice no songs from 2003's We've Come for You All. We've Come for You All may be one of the worst, steaming piles of metal I have ever heard. No matter what you read, Anthrax hasn't been "back" since. Their performing skills haven't eroded, but their writing skills? Yikes.

In Anthrax's defense, at least they were great once, when some of us have never been great at all.

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