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War is Bad (Duh)

Surprisingly, I was at Zero Hedge yesterday and Tyler Durden wanted me to know that there's forced conscription in Ukraine: Young Ukrainians Scared To Leave Their Homes As More And More Videos Emerge Of Forced Conscription.


Let me, let you in on a little secret. Let's say that tomorrow the movie Red Dawn came to life. The Russians and Chinese are parachuting onto our shores. There are 1.4 billion Chinese alone, over a billion more people than live in America.

If China got a foothold in the United States, guess what's happening when the first Chinese Flag gets raised on American Soil?

Shhh- Conscription.

Why did I whisper that? Because in peace-time, conscription is unthinkable. When you are faced with your country not existing anymore, the saying is that 'desperate times call for desperate measures.'

But let's examine the subtext of Durden's article. He's basically saying the Ukrainians are no better than the Russians. Well, they're not. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers.

I feel bad for the young men in the Russian Army.

I feel bad for the young men in the Ukrainian Army.

The Russians have been using conscripts right from the rip, that's why Kazakhstan is loaded with young, male, Russian refugees. Nearly a million of 'em.

I still believe that if Ukraine wasn't in some sort of trouble, we wouldn't be sending them cluster bombs. Putin claims he has the right to use the weapon, but he hasn't. (Which is a lie.)

Ukraine cannot win on the ground.

Ukraine cannot win a battle of attrition.

Ukraine still has no path to victory. (Victory defined as re-taking land lost in 2014.)

I am going to say it again...

It sucks that Putin invaded Ukraine.

It's not fair that Putin has stolen Ukrainian land.

But the sad truth is that when the Russian Army marched into Ukraine, there was no resistance movement in Crimea. Crimea is two-thirds ethnic Russians.

NATO is not going to let Ukraine join their club during the war.

Zelensky has to take a hard gulp and realize that the battle lines are going to bog down along the Dnieper River in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. Donetsk and Luhansk have been corrupted, no matter where the battle lines are.

A year ago, we wrote: Ukraine: Addition by Subtraction. In that piece, we begged President Zelensky to accept losing Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk in order to the end the war. Victory for Ukraine would be survival and joining NATO.

Listen, it PAINS me to write this, but as both the Russians and the Ukrainians become more desperate for victory, the more vicious the war will become on both sides. War sucks, rules of war have been flaunted since the beginning of time.

Vladimir Putin is CLEARLY the bad guy. He ignored the Budapest Memorandum which guaranteed Ukrainian Sovereignty in exchange for Ukraine relinquishing their nuclear weapons.

But the war has to end, there is no cavalry coming to the rescue for the Ukrainians.

At some point you have to cut your losses before war fatigue sets in....

I'm done for the night. The last words go to the SVR General channel on Telegram:

...After this conversation, Putin, in communication with people from his entourage, raised the topic of a possible participation in international trips of his double....

Not the Putin Double again.

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