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What is Markle's End Game?

As the witch hunt to find the "Royal Racist" continues, I keep asking myself "what are we doing here?"

Let's pick on Prince, oops, I mean King Charles, because he's a dope. If he didn't have the word King in front of his name, people would think he was a High School Accounting Teacher.

Let's theorize that he's the biggest name in Meghan Markle's maelstrom. Let's say she has the King on tape, in his British Accent, saying "I think we should throw all the Darkies in the river."

And? You don't think there hasn't been Racist Kings before? The King of England is a ceremonial job. If the King's Guards all stormed the palace and threw King Charles out on the lawn for his microaggressions, what would change in Great Britain?

Literally nothing.

King Charles has no power to do anything. Even if he's a giant racist, what law has he broken?

What does Meghan Markle gain by leaking out he's a racist? There are only two outcomes in this scenario:

  1. The British Populace is Outraged. The citizens take to the streets with pitchforks and torches and demand a new King. Now if this is her plan, she is really playing the long game. She has never once called for the end of the Monarchy. Never. In this scenario, she would call the King racist, then William and Kate racist, then William's kids racist when they grow up. She would have to hope that 5 people would abdicate, paving the way for Queen Meghan in 2051? You have to have persistence and treachery in this scenario, Markle isn't that smart.

  2. Nothing, but she gets Free Publicity. She can chirp for the rest of her life that the Royals are racist, and nothing can happen, but she would get millions and millions of dollars of free publicity. Markle rolls out a new line of handbags? The Crown is racist, buy my handbags. Markle rolls out a line of skin creams? The Crown is racist, buy my skin creams. The Crown is racist, buy my cryptocurrency. The Crown is racist, watch my Netflix special. She is trying to set herself up as "The People's Queen."

So the 2 choices are either jealousy or free pub?


Markle's a D-List Celebrity and her husband is a no talent hack. They are basically whining that his Family won Life's Lottery, but they didn't win the Billion Dollar Powerball. The Royals are considering legal action against the Markles when they should have just cut Harry out of the Royal Lineage. Other than outlandish claims against the Royals, the Markles don't have anything to say that others want to hear.

If Meghan Markle wants to have the same amount of followers as the Kardashians, she better get into swimsuit shape. Naked Kim Kardashian Won't Break the Internet, the Internet Would Break Without Kim Kardashian. That Washington Post article is a decade old and is more true today than when it was written.

I tired of the Markles' scam long ago. Those two better think of something else fast if others tire of their constant racism "leaks."

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