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Would Trump Have Been Indicted, IF.......

...He had won in 2020?

In 2000, the LEFT SCREAMED that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the Presidential Election.

In 2016, the LEFT SCREAMED that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the Presidential Election.

In 2020, the left proclaimed that Joe Biden won in a landslide.....

As a matter of fact, Joe Biden really didn't win by all that much. How razor thin was the margin?

In Arizona, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by about 10,000 votes.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen captured around 50,000 votes.

In Georgia, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by about 10,000 votes.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen captured around 60,000 votes.

In Pennsylvania- Something interesting happened in Pennsylvania.

Even before the 2020 election, the Green Party was steamed.

Not one person voted for Green Howie Hawkins in Pennsylvania. Democrats blocked ballot access to all third party candidates except for Jo Jorgensen.

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by about 80,000 votes.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen captured about 79,000 votes.


According to Pennsylvania State Representative Russ Diamond there was "an alarming discrepancy of 170,000 votes on the Presidential ballot."

If you flip the results in those 3 states, VOILA, Trump is still the president.

I'm not saying you should be mad at Jo Jorgensen, I most closely associate myself with the Libertarian Party. What I'm saying is that why aren't outlets like CNN, NBC News, The New York Times and The Daily Beast still screaming that Jo Jorgensen cost Donald Trump the election in 2020?

Because it was never about third party candidates in the first place. It was about left-leaning media outlets throwing temper tantrums in the years 2000 and 2016 because their candidate didn't win.

Why am I rehashing the 2020 election? Would an indictment against Trump still have come if he was still in office?


And even though I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, I see indictments as yet another negative side effect of the two party duopoly in the United States of America.

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