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You No Score Goals, You No Win Game

We root for the USWNT. That is a fact.

Yet we rarely write about them. The reason being is that they just win. They win all the time.

Instead of focusing on winning, many in the media focus on covering social justice issues.

But do you understand WHY they just win? In countries like South Africa and Jamaica, who have outperformed expectations in this Women's World Cup, their players have day jobs, they yearn to play for their national teams in their spare time.

In America, we fund Women's Soccer. Megan Rapinoe doesn't have to work at the local Circle K to fulfill her World Cup dreams. As a matter of fact, when she, and her fellow players, sued U.S. Soccer, it was a bit arrogant. Her argument was that the Women should be paid like the Men, they win more than the Men. Listen, she should have been more worried about the health of her sport than being like a man.

Between selling out stadiums, corporate sponsorships, and government funding, the USWNT SHOULD be one of the Top 5 teams in the world for the next generation. The USWNT is flush with cash that other nations envy. But don't fool yourself, Americans don't love Women's Soccer, they love to win. Just like every 4 years we root for Americans to win, in all sports, at the Olympics. Whether it be the biathlon or the triathlon, America loves a winner.

I am not Alexi Lalas.

I am not Carli Lloyd.

I am going to break down America's 4 game World Cup exit like the low-rent soccer coach that I am.

3-0 Win

U.S. 28 shots - 7 on target

Vietnam 0 shots - 0 on target

I watched that game in fury. If the Americans had any sort of aim, they would have won by 10. The U.S. "struggled" against nothing more than a scrappy rec league team.

1-1 Tie

U.S. 18 shots - 5 on target

Netherlands 5 shots - 1 on target

Netherlands' only shot on goal went in. Let's keep moving because Netherlands is a good team.

0-0 Tie

U.S. 17 shots - 6 on target

Portugal 6 shots - 0 on target

Now after the group stage, the America Defense had only allowed one on target shot and it went in. It is almost statistically impossible to out shoot your opponents 63-11 (18-1 on target) and get a result of one win and two ties. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.


0-0 (5-4) Loss in Shootout

U.S. 22 shots - 11 on target

Sweden 9 shots - 1 on target

This early exit gets squarely pinned on the offense.

Two people should be escorted out of the stadium and right to the airport with gold watches and one way tickets to a warm weather retirement.

Megan Rapinoe - Too old.

Alex Morgan - You too.

Both of you can focus on your outside activities, let the next generation figure out how to score goals. I want you to really stare at the on target category. In the tournament, the Americans won that category 29-2 and could only score 4 goals in 4 games? That either points to lack of hunger, or lack of aim. Or both.

I am flummoxed.

If the U.S. goes out in the round of 16 in 2027, watch how quickly Americans fall OUT of love with the USWNT.

Then the USWNT really will be like the men.

p.s. Vlatko Andonovski is getting fired. Probably even before I finish typing.

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