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Your Greatest Fear

Not a thousand years ago, when your greatest fear was probably knowing where your next meal was coming from.

Not 500 years ago, when your greatest fear was probably that you were going to die in war.

What's your greatest fear "today?"


Why do I have today in quotations?

Because by today I mean, like, in the last 110 years.

When I was a kid, my biggest fear was probably nuclear war. Now it's China. There is no other country in the world that, in theory, could have the numerical advantages to invade AND occupy parts of America.

But for some reason this headline at Yahoo! sent chills up my spine:

Germany’s Far-Right Climbs to Record Support as Scholz Struggles

Not the Germans again--

You're screaming at your computer

Trump was a Nazi.

Uh no. Donald Trump was a right-leaning populist.

The end times will have nothing to do with Donald Trump. You need to watch Israel--

This morning at the Times of Israel:

Wake Up Israel! Civil War is on its Way!

I think I'm just going to sit quietly in my room.

In the dark.

And listen to Anthrax.

Just like when I was a teenager.

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