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Zelensky MUST Redefine Winning Immediately

This was the headline at RT today:

Right now, the Ukrainian Army is holding the line. For the 7th time since the invasion, Beacon of Speech has stated the reality on the ground: Ukraine has NO PATH TO VICTORY.

And, again, it pains me to say it. I am rooting hard for Ukraine. But we are at a juncture where there is a very real possibility that Ukraine could start losing chunks of land. Ukraine needs a tremendous cash infusion just to hold that line.

Some countries are already tired of sending money. 15% of Americans think we are sending "too much" money to Ukraine. Winning has to be redefined as existing for Ukraine. Zelensky must sign a peace agreement making today's battle lines the new boundaries of Ukraine. There are thousands of troops, on both sides, dying in a modern version of trench warfare.

The loss of life should be unacceptable for both sides seeing that the front lines have minimally moved in the last 6 months. Starting today, Zelensky has to use the verbiage, WINNING IS EXISTING. Swallow your pride and sign that peace deal. Once the ink is dry on the agreement, go to Kharkiv and have a huge parade. Tout how you freed the city from Russian Forces.

Ukrainian flags should paint the country. If winning is redefined as existence, euphoria should spread like wildfire. You stood up to one of the most powerful armies on the planet and held your own. You are proud Ukrainians that paid the ultimate price for freedom.

You say that's not truthful? Just lie. All politicians do it.

Why am I so quick to cede land to Russia? Ukraine is never going to get Crimea back. N-E-V-E-R. There is no Crimean Resistance movement against the Russians. Unlike every other oblast in Ukraine, Russians are the majority in Crimea.

And, while you're lying, join NATO immediately after the peace treaty. Tell Russia to suck it. I'd start building a wall between Russia and Ukraine using trenches as foundations literally seconds after any peace deal.

You think my analysis is terrible and you have confidence in the Ukrainian Army? Do you know what happens even if Ukrainian Ground Forces did start to push into Russia?

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