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Clinton/Gore $300 Million Golden Parachute

As I sit watching the fallout from Democrat National Convention, I am struck by the conspiracy theorists that are wondering why Bernie Sanders is again leaving the Democratic Party and returning to independent status. It’s really quite simple. Bernie Sanders knew he couldn’t win as an independent, he had to join the Democrat Machine and attempt to change it from the inside to win. Well, as WikiLeaks points out, the Machine did not appreciate being changed from within and the playing field was, let’s be generous, not exactly even for Ol’ Bernie.

So now that it’s official that Hillary Clinton is the nominee. Let’s go into the way back machine to the year 2000. If Clinton and her husband are lifelong dedicated public servants, and they left the White House in the year 2000 “dead broke,” how is their net worth over $100,000,000 today?

As a matter of fact, I remember the 2000 election where Ralph Nader decried the minor differences between the Democrat and the Republican Machines. They were both Machines.

When the dust cleared Al Gore, millionaire son of a Senator, had beaten George W. Bush, millionaire son of a President, in the popular vote, but lost in the contested electoral vote. Funny thing is, bunches of Democrats howled that Nader cost Gore the election in Florida, despite Gore not carrying his own home state. Fast forward 16 years and Ralph Nader is a pariah who stood on his principles while Al Gore, who left office as Vice-President after that contested election in 2000, his net worth somewhere around $1.5 million, is somehow magically worth, approximately, $200 million. In 2013, Al Gore and his business partner sold their cable station Current TV, to the Al Jazeera Media Network, headed by the Qatari Royal Family for $500 million. The same people whose fossil fuels are fanning Global Warming according to the award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

The Clinton/Gore ticket of 1992 has made over $300 million combined since they left office in the year 2000.

So what’s my point? That doesn’t seem suspicious? Whether you agree or disagree with Ralph Nader’s politics, he stood on principle and got shellacked in public opinion. To my knowledge, Nader hasn’t cashed in, but continued to write handwritten letters to George Bush, then Barrack Obama, asking for their correspondence on the policies of the day. The Bushes, the Gores, the Clintons of the world are the CEO’s of today’s Political Parties and are compensated as such. Now Donald Trump wants in on the action, he has the private CEO experience. How about instead of hiring someone who is good at manipulating the two major political parties, or are good at playing "the game," how about we elect someone who can actually govern by principal and change the system from the outside.

Someone like Gary Johnson.

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