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Who is Blotto?

Before I answer that, I must explain why I hate MTV. Back in the olden days, MTV played videos 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. An oft repeated refrain, what people don’t realize is that instead of the same popular videos that were in rotation almost constantly, MTV would randomly play low budget, local bands on off hours. The reason I hate MTV is simple: If your name is Music Television, play music.

Well I was at work this week I caught myself singing “Metal Head” by Blotto. “Oh my Lord,” I thought to myself, “when’s the last time I listened to that song?” The answer would be never. I never owned any songs by Blotto. I never heard Blotto on the radio, but I used to tape AL TV on MTV and I think I watched it there. Then re-watched it about a thousand times on VHS tape. Through the magic of YouTube, I revisited the song this week and it still sounds great. (Other songs by Blotto, not so much.)

But what happened to Blotto? Metal Head came out in 1982. To my surprise they’re still around, kind of. The pride of Albany, New York, the band members all got day jobs after breaking up in 1984. But they all seemed like regular guys and a few of ‘em re-unite and play occasional shows around their hometown. Local band makes a brush with national fame then fades away. A band like that is in almost every city in America. In Cleveland, our guy is Michel Stanley. I know in Pittsburg it’s Donnie Iris. When I lived in Minnesota there was this cool little punk band called the Dillinger Four that had a similar trajectory.

The point of my story? I don’t remember, because I’m old. Here’s Metal Head:

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