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Something New?

So a few years ago I came across a little gem of an industrial tune called Terrorbird by the band Author & Punisher. I bought the song on iTunes and liked the video, but didn't think too much of Author & Punisher. They reminded me a little bit of early Ministry.

So I was working on another article and listening to songs on YouTube and I thought to myself "I'd like to hear Terrorbird." But instead of the official video, which I've seen multiple times, I tried the live version.


It is rare that you find something even remotely new in music. Even though Terrorbird is a derivative of Industrial music, when I saw the live video I had so many questions.

First of all, watch for yourself above, starting at the 2:00 minute mark:

-How is just 1 guy doing everything?

-What the hell kind of drum is Tristan Shone playing with his right hand?

-And what kind of Space Age Microphone is he singing into?

I listened to a few other songs by Author & Punisher, none match the eerie splendor of Terrorbird, but the concept was amazing. Where else can you see a musician multi-tasking with such a high degree of difficulty?

Now Author & Punisher is way too inaccessible for mainstream popularity, but they get a 10/10 for originality. Who else is doing what Tristan Shone is doing? I am grasping for superlatives to describe what I thought was a half dozen musicians playing over programmed music.

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