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  • Dr. Fredrick E. Hunt

For Example:

I like Fareed Zakaria. I think he is well-versed in international politics and well-reasoned in his thought processes. Today he spoke of his clearly "centrist" position as one of the leaders of the Anti-Trump movement as a globalist. When I think of a Centrist, I don't think of Zakaria. But then I stopped to think who WAS a good example of a Centrist in national politics and couldn't think of one. So I decided to do a scientific experiment. Next Wednesday at 10 am, I am going to take screen shots of 20 News Sites and compare their lead stories by headline and by picture. I will then give my opinion on which way I think each of the sites leans. I announce the date and time ahead of schedule so not to base my opinion on certain timed stories that may come up. (I chose the date and time as the most convenient time for MY schedule.)

I don't think focusing on just Zakaria is fair simply because CNN clearly leans to the left doesn't mean that he specifically does.... to be continued

Note: I fell asleep on Wed. March 1. Pushed the experiment down 24 hours to Thursday, March 2 at 10 am. Reference point for possible future article - Top story on ESPN on March 1 by Adam Schefter: Jimmy Garoppolo off the trading block.

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