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Anonymous Warning

The video starts with an ominous warning "all the signs of a looming war on the Korean Peninsula are surfacing, watching each country move strategic pieces into place...."

"...the citizens will be the last to know."

Because I've never watched a whole Anonymous Video before, I have a lot of questions:

How does an anonymous hacktivist group have a certified YouTube page?

In the description of the video, Anonymous has lots of points of access-







Mask (Modern):

Mask (White):

Mask (Black & Gold):

Why is an anonymous hacktivist group the voice of reason?

They aren't saying we should go to war, they are warning of the chess pieces being moved into place for a potential war, so the citizens should demand their governments that we NOT go to war.

Do you get red flagged for buying an Anonymous T-Shirt?

I know if you search The Anarchist Cookbook online, you get your ass flagged by the government.

Are you really a member of Anonymous if you're running their online store?

Say you order an x-large t-shirt but get a small, I assume that they have a customer service representative you can talk to, I can't imagine he/she is anonymous.

I don't get the impression that these guys are Americans...

Even with the Stephan Hawking voice modulator, I get the clear impression that these guys are European.

I googled ex-Anonymous members and actually found a few.

I was wrong, some are Americans. Apparently when they run afoul of the law some are unmasked. Read an interesting article at the Huffington Post from 2013 of former members.

I was surprised at the ease I could access the Anonymous message.

For a loose collective of unknowns without a leader, their webpage was surprisingly easy to navigate.

For the Record: I am not in Anonymous

Some of the information in the video, I already knew. Which begs the question: How close to World War III are we, really? The Anonymous Video making me more nervous about world events.

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