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California Uber Uber Alles

One of my favorite songs of all time is California Uber Alles.

Which version? They are all great, in various ways...


The Dead Kennedys released a single called California Uber Alles and was later included on their debut album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.

I am governor Jerry Brown

My aura smiles and never frowns

Soon I will be president

Carter power will soon go away....


The Dead Kennedys released the song We've Got a Bigger Problem Now, an Uber Alles cover with a lounge-y open on their In God We Trust, Inc EP.

I am Emperor Ronald Regan

Born again with fascist cravings

Still, you make me president

Human rights will soon go 'way

I am now your Shah today....


The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy nailed it twice. First for their album Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury, then for the Virus 100 celebration of Dead Kennedys cover songs.

Funky Version

I'm your governor Pete Wilson, ya know The baddest governor to ever grab the mic and go BOOOM ! Gimme a budget and watch me hack it ! Gimme a beat and I'll show you how to jack it ! I give the rich a giant tax loophole I leave the poor living in a poophole...

Heavy Version


Jello Biafra and the Melvins released the album Sieg Howdy! with yet another spot on take on the original classic. This one called Kali-fornia Uber Alles.

I am governor Schwarzenegger Pretty soon I'll be dictator When they make me president Democracy is going away Hasta la vista, baby!....


Brujeria takes the brutally alternative view of the song, the Mexican side, with the Latin American classic California Uber Aztlan.

Soy el ex-gobernador Pito Wilson,

odiador de México,

no llegué a ser presidente

sin el voto latino....

or, according to Google Translator

I am former Governor Pete Wilson,

Hater of Mexico,

I did not become president

Without the Latin vote.


You would think that with a President Trump in office that Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine would be in the punk laboratory brewing up something new, but until then, the best of the half dozen or so homemade California Uber Alles / Donald Trump mashups seems to be this one:


California Uber Alles (It Only Gets Worse) by VV

I am overlord Donald Trump,

North America was never enough,

Still you made me president.

My golden empire was born and raised

upon the back of every migrant slave

and Jesus Christ won't help you fools....

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