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Modern Times are Depressing

This isn't so much an article, but a series of links.

Back in the Spring of 1997, I was an intern at Le Sueur-Henderson High School. I was struggling with severe anxiety before having anxiety was a thing. I didn't know what the plan was for my life, but one event finished my quest for a Master's Degree for good.

On Sept. 11, 1997 there was a school shooting before school shootings were a thing. At Le Sueur-Henderson High in Minnesota, a merged district between Minneapolis and Mankato, I asked the question, "How can educators deal with this?" And I was done. I had crapped out in school, and if I had still been in the district in the fall, I probably would have had a fatal panic attack.

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I don't like to dwell on my failures, but two presentations in the past year gave me the same sick-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach feelings as from 20 years ago. And all I could think of when walking out of both presentations is this: Is this really America in 2017?

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Click Picture for Heroin Addiction Awareness

I commend the work of Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. and the Brandt Family, respectively.

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