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10 Random Cover Songs

I had an outline for an article for two months and I finally gave it up because it didn't work. So I scrapped part of it, and half assed the rest. Basically this piece is the writing version of Jim Carrey's acting career. (Past, say, 1997.)

So with that spectacular introduction, I give you the epically researched and painstakingly executed: 10 Random Cover Songs That I Like.

10. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)

Original: Rory Erickson

Cover: Sister Double Happiness

9. Benny and the Jets

Original: Elton John

Cover: Beastie Boys

8. Moonage Daydream

Original: David Bowie

Cover: Zen Guerilla

7. Go Your Own Way

Original: Fleetwood Mac

Cover: Seaweed

6. Hurdy Gurdy Man

Original: Donovan

Cover: The Butthole Surfers

5. Viva Las Vegas

Original: Elvis Presley

Cover: Dead Kennedys

4. Helter Skelter

Original: The Beatles

Cover: Alice Donut

"I've Got Blisters on my Lips"

3. Calling Dr. Love

Original: Kiss

Cover: Shandi's Addiction (Maynard, Tom Morello, & Billy Gould)

2. Bitches Brew

Original: Miles Davis

Cover: Nomeansno

1. Supernaut

Original: Black Sabbath

Cover: 1,000 Homo DJs (Uncle Al)


+1, just for fun

Nazi Trumps F&%k Off

Original: Dead Kennedys

Cover: Dead Cross + Jello

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