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Eddie Vedder Missed the Point

I like Eddie Vedder.

He's one of the few grunge singers left alive. But something about him taking a knee really bothered me and it wasn't as complicated as the athletes taking a knee. Eddie Vedder is the lead singer for the band Pearl Jam. If he thinks Donald Trump sucks, then should write a song about it. He has the forum. Name the song Donald Trump is a Dirty, Filthy Bastard and make it rock out. If he hates injustice, write a great ballad about injustice like Bruce Springsteen did and name it 41 Shots and cry at the end.

You have to make the kids want to run out and download (steal) that song!

But don't take a knee, then start singing Betterman. (Don't send me hate mail because that wasn't the song. I don't know which song he sang next, I randomly yanked a hit out of the air.) But Rock musicians are supposed to smash the past and re-write the future.

Punks hated Ronald Reagan, then they wrote a bunch of songs about how much Reagan Sucked.

.....including Bonzo Goes to Bitburg by the Ramones (1986).

Al Jourgensen of Ministry went insane and wrote whole albums about how much he hated George W. Bush. Then he lent the songs to Anti-Bush Compilations.

.....including No W (2004).

The wonder and splendor of the internet even coughed up an Anti-Obama video from the Dead Prez.

I kind of like the rawness of PolitricKKKs, but it's not so much Anti-Obama as Anti-Politician.

And Beacon of Speech's favorite Alice Donut got pissed off and wrote a song protesting the Iraq War. (You know, the popular War.) From 1991's Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent.

Dead River is a graphic warning of fighting a war in old Mesopotamia.

So all you Trump-haters, get crackin'! You have to do better than Brujeria

Viva Presidente Trump!


...And don't forget about that time that Obama sang about about how much he hated Trump.....

....I mean, Great Grandpas still talk about how music toppled Richard Nixon....

Neil Young preached 4 Dead in O-Hi-O

....and we can keep going farther and farther back in time if you want. I remember songs making fun of Hitler when I was a kid. Way, way back in 1942, Spike Jones was taking jabs at the German leader from the States. Spike Jones teamed with Walt Disney and won an Animated Short Film Oscar (basically for a Music Video) for Der Fuehrer's Face.

I think you get my point.

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