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If You Like Sean Hannity, You Are Old. (No, Seriously, You Really Are.)

Kicking around the internet and I was reading the Cable Ratings for Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017.

The top show for the night, kneeling or not, was Thursday Night NFL Football on the NFL Network. The great local broadcaster Greg Brinda used to say "the NFL is a license to print money." Never a truer statement has ever been spoken.

What did surprise me was the #1 show for those 50 and over was Hannity on Fox News. BY A TON. Maybe it's the time slot, the sweet spot between dinner and bedtime. But now I'm making certain stereotypical assertions about the Old....

If you go back in time, this is not a new phenomenon.

Hannity: #30 Overall - #2 Over 50

#1 Cable Show? Shark Exile on Discovery

Hannity: #32 Overall - #4 Over 50

#1 Cable Show? NBA Draft on ESPN

Hannity: #23 Overall - #2 Over 50

#1 Cable Show? NBA Playoffs on Turner

Hannity: #28 Overall - #5 Over 50

#1 Cable Show? NFL Draft on ESPN

Hannity: #27 Overall - #4 Over 50

#1 Cable Show? NBA Basketball (Cavaliers Game)

Hannity: #24 Overall - #4 Over 50

Editors Note: #1 for the Old on this date? The O'Reilly Factor. By a ton.

We could keep going and going. Picking a random day in 2014...

#1 Cable Show? Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo

Hannity: #10 Overall - #1 Over 50

Now if you examine the ratings closely, you'll notice Rachel Maddow consistently does well among the Old, too. I think it's strange that the news is the AARP crowd's go to cable viewing choice. And I also notice that the top rated cable shows mostly seem to be events. That can't bode well for cable's business plan if you can't get people to casually watch your platform.

For Example: My dear father likes re-runs of Everyone Loves Raymond and Netflix.

My dear mother likes old movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

My dear deceased Grandmother used to HATE the news. She liked re-runs of Mama's Family.

Now my Beacon of Speech partner Ted, he's another story. Apparently HE'S the target audience. He'll be turning 50 soon and likes Hannity. And O'Reilly. And FoxNews. Ted says "I like Sean Hannity, but he's a little repetitive."

Maybe FoxNews' new promotional campaign for Hannity should be: Hannity is Consistent - like a good, solid fiber supplement.


Even 59 year old Jello Biafra likes Sean Hannity (cough, cough).

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