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Big Brother is Watching...ME

Yesterday I woke up at 5:45 a.m. I walked to the toilet and relieved the pressure in my bladder.

For 5 minutes I was detached from the Matrix...

As I flushed away my excess urine, I walked back to the bedroom and put on my freshly charged Fitbit. Then I walked to the computer and unplugged my iPhone. Fully charged, my backup brain and my exercise tracker were now also ready for the day. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I entered my password on my MacBook Pro and did a quick scroll of the morning news. Not even 6 a.m., yet multiple devises had already registered my whereabouts.

After taking the short 8 minute commute to work, I took out my wallet with a barcode taped to it and swiped it across the work computer, checking in at 6:25 a.m. I walked to my workspace and sat down. If I leaned as far as I could, I could touch the camera that monitors me for the day...

Besides the camera, there's the work GPS. My whereabouts are tracked to a computer throughout the day. And that doesn't include the GPS on my phone, that tracks my whereabouts throughout the day.

For lunch I stopped at the local fast food restaurant. I used my debit card to pay and had to enter my code to eat. As I entered the code, I glanced up at the camera trained at the register station. I returned to work and monitored my iPhone throughout the afternoon. Every touch is recorded somewhere. If I get into an accident at work, the first thing the police will do will be to check my phone records to confirm that I wasn't texting and driving. Computers monitor my speed and braking patterns on my work vehicle.

On my way home from work, I decided to stop and get some gas. I used my Rewards Card that tracks my purchases and my credit card. As I pumped my gas, I noticed the cameras trained around the pumping stations. My next stop was WalMart. After picking up a few items, I went to the self-checkout line. Instead of a clerk, I was greeted by a video monitor. The video monitor was a camera feed of me scanning my own items....

Going home for dinner, I entered the house with all members of the family on their own devices. All being tracked by different mechanisms. For dinner, we put down the hand held electronics and entered a code to watch TV on the XBox. All streaming services have mechanisms to track your viewing habits. After dinner, I decided to work on my blogging. Instead of Word, I used the website editor so changes are saved constantly on my drafts. As I typed, the messages Saving and Saved in Drafts repeatedly flashed in the corner of the screen.

Before I went to bed, I used such services as Facebook and YouTube that track my internet habits. Even if I had detached from all electronic interactions for the night, the Fitbit and iPhone continued to track my location and habits.

At bedtime. I took my nightly medicines and laid down to go to sleep. Put everything in chargers and listened to some music. Some nights it's Pandora. Pandora, which studies your music listening habits and creates playlists from your previous input.

As I laid my head on the pillow, I pressed the button to my Sleep Apnea machine and put on my mask. If I don't wear mask, I get a nasty-ass headache in the morning. When I wear it, a machine tracks my sleep cycles throughout the night. I have to have a Sleep Apnea machine to pass the physical at work. No Sleep Apnea machine, no job.

I rarely dream anymore.


Editor's Note: You think that's bad. Let's not forget about Fred's boogeyman, China.

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