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Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Rioting

Updated: May 2

When George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin, riots spread like a virus across America. Both Minneapolis and Portland were nearly burned to the ground with documented violence in over 200+ American Cities.

Stated Reason for Riots: Justice for George Floyd

But then Derek Chauvin was convicted and sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison.... the riots continued. Why?

Underlying Reason for Riots: Defunding the Police

Defunding the police was a terrible idea then, defunding the police is a terrible idea now. Defunding the Police was a Far-Left talking point.

I thought the embers of the George Floyd Riots would continue to burn indefinitely- that is until Jan. 6, 2021.

A bunch of idiots and tools descended upon Washington D.C. on January 6th and mistakenly thought their candidate won the presidential election. Donald Trump did not come even a little bit close to winning.

But man, that Right-wing riot freaked out the Left. Outlets like CNN called a riot an insurrection and the Left-wing media wept like Horned-Hat Guy invented rioting.

Just a reminder, places like CNN, NBC News, and ABC News are still trying to convince you that Horned-Hat Guy was going to carry Donald Trump on his shoulders back to the White House and that Congress and the Armed Forces were going to sit on their hands and let that happen.

Stated Reason for Riots: Donald Trump's Victory was "Stolen."


Underlying Reason for Riots: Now this is a bit controversial, but hear me out. Before January 6th, when was the last time there was a "Right-wing Riot?" Maybe the 1950's, when mobs took to the streets to stop Black students from attending class? That was almost a century ago.

Seriously. Right before Rush Limbaugh died, he was happy about January 6th. How so? Because it was the first time since he was a young man that the Right took to the streets and put boots on the ground for what they believed in. (Even if it was wrong.) I honestly think Limbaugh's dying wish was to see the Right-wing commit to action in the streets, not just talk.

So for the last 2 years, there's been very little rioting. The Left continued to focus on January 6th, acting like it was the only riot in the last 50 years- that is until Israel invaded Gaza.

Now here comes the Left-wing riots again....with a caveat.

Stated Reason for Riots: Israel is slaughtering innocents in Gaza according to Muslim students, so students, particularly at Columbia University, want their colleges to divest from Israel.

"Defund the Police."

I see a pattern. Just a reminder, Jews aren't White.

Then I read the most hysterical article at the Daily Mail: Fury as Columbia University Students Stage Insurrection-Like Takeover of Student Hall.

How many riots are currently taking place? Unclear. So far 24 universities have had arrests in association with the "protests."

Underlying Reason for Riots: Jews should be slaughtered.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas declared war on Israel, Israel then declared war on Hamas. Everything after, fair or foul, is a war action. Again, if protesters want an end to the fighting, that is free speech.

If protesters just want Jews to Die, that should, at minimum, get your ass kicked out of college.

Is it Right-wing Nazis calling for Jews to Die? Surprising, no.

Is it Left-wing Muslims calling for Jews to Die? Yep.

Left-wingers rioting and calling it protests.

See? Back to Normal in America.

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