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Wednesday January 6, 2021

American Historians will be talking about today's date for the next 500 years. Let's make sure we're on the record with what happened from our perspective.

Donald Trump is an idiot. He is not a dictator or a fascist, he is a moron who doesn't realize the ramifications of his actions. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that Georgia lost 16,000 Trump votes. Guess what? Even if Georgia was to find the magical "missing" votes, TRUMP STILL LOSES. Trump is terrible at math. He lost by 7 million votes AND over 70 electoral votes. What did his supporters hope to accomplish today?

Let's use a basketball analogy when reviewing the 2020 election. Just because you're winning for a brief moment in the third quarter doesn't mean you win the game. None of Trump's arguments for winning the election are based on reality. Worse than that, Sheep Trump supporters storming the Capitol was an embarrassment. BUT..... remember when Black Lives Matter swarmed Washington D.C. this summer? Right-Wing media focused on the night time riots. Left-Wing Media focused on the day time peaceful protests. What would have happened if we defunded the Washington police this summer? We would be having a conversation about anarchy today. Luckily law enforcement was armed and pushed back against the Red Team. Your argument is that it isn't fair that the Red Team breached the Capitol? What can I tell you? You can't riot, on and off, for 9 months, then when the other team riots, you decry the end of democracy.

Don't get me wrong, for about 6 hours today, things got real dicey. And ignorance of the law is no excuse for Donald Trump. I personally hope that Pence invokes the 25th Amendment and Trump is kicked out of office and is in jail by 2022. At minimum, Trump should be tried for Election Fraud in relation to his conversations with the leader of the State of Georgia.

But that won't happen because he'll lawyer up and get away with it.

What people keep forgetting about is that there is a once in a century pandemic killing Americans every 3 minutes. Why is Imbecile Trump encouraging groups of any kind?

Seriously, what was the plan? Throw a giant sized temper-tantrum to counter the multi-city temper-tantrum thrown by Team Blue?

Listen, I am flabbergasted by what happened today. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 and I didn't vote for Trump in 2020. You know why I didn't riot today? Because I'm not stupid, there wasn't enough widespread election fraud where it would have changed the results of the election. Why didn't I riot this summer? Because I don't believe in defunding the police.

At some point, people who work for a living need to take control of this country and move toward the middle and away from the knuckleheads who like to burn things on both the right and the left.

(Cutting this short because I am dead tired. I feel obligated to hit the Publish Button before Midnight.)


Updated: Jan. 7, 2021

Remember when your team riots, it is peaceful protests. When the other team riots....'s an insurrection.

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