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The Long Term Contract I Had to Sign...

The long-term contract that I had to sign Says I'll be making these movies till the end of time With my Yoda Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda- Weird Al Yankovic's "Yoda" in 1985

Original Cast of Star Wars (1977)

***Caution: Spoilers Ahead***

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker - Character "Killed" in Episode VIII... in 2017

Harrison Ford as Han Solo - Character "Killed" in Episode 2015

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa - Died during post-production of Episode VIII...she was 60. Leia's fate will be found out in Episode IX, tentatively slated for 2019.

Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin - Died in 1981, 4 years after the original Star Wars. Returned from the dead to reprise his role in 2016's Rogue One. Technically it was a CGI version of Cushing portrayed by actor Guy Henry.

Alec Guinness as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi - Died in 1980, hated the Obi-Wan character so much, he convinced George Lucas to kill the character...during production of the original. Of course Young ObiWan returned to the prequels... and then there's this: COULD EWAN MCGREGOR’S OBI-WAN KENOBI HAVE A SECRET CAMEO IN SOLO?

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO - Both the actor and the character are still alive.

Kenny Baker as R2-D2 - Last played R2-D2 in 2005's Return of the Sith, was billed as a "consultant" in Episode VII, one year before his death. R2-D2 lives on with his credits being split between voice actor Ben Bertt, human Jimmy Vee, and multiple technical directors.

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca - Last (partially) played Chewbacca in 2015. Billed as a consultant for Episode VIII and is 73 years old. Chewbacca lives on and on, I just saw him on the Solo trailer.

David Prowse as Darth Vader - Played the physical form of Vader in the first 3 films, then played himself in the movie Saving Star Wars in 2004. Darth Vader, as you know lives on through...

James Earl Jones as Darth Vader - Played the voice form of Vader again, as he always has in the films, in Rogue One in 2016.

Phil Brown as Uncle Owen - In real life, poor Phil Brown was blacklisted early in his career. Briefly playing Uncle Owen was the highlight of his filmography. Turned up at multiple Star Wars conventions before his death. Brown died in 2016 and the "young" Uncle Owen only popped up a few times in the prequels.


Yoda? He wasn't in the original Star Wars, he didn't appear until Episode V. Despite having moved into the land of CGI, he is still voiced by Frank Oz. Yoda's always been very active in the Star Wars Universe....

Yes, I know, Yoda isn't real.


Me? I'm done with Star Wars...unless there's a Chad Vader crossover.


Oh, and George Lucas? In 2012, he sold his production company LucasFilm to Disney for $4 BILLION....and then bitches about the plots of the new movies.

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