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Chelsea vs Ivanka

I came across this article this morning on Bustle:

Before I even read the article, I thought "hmmm, if they were still friends, it wouldn't be news and she wouldn't be bragging about it on Colbert." Sure enough, Chelsea predictably complained

"(Ivanka) has supported policies and decisions that I don't agree with." So they're not friends anymore.

Okay, let's do a quick re-visit.

Chelsea was First Daughter from 1992-2000. She was a kid then so we won't talk about that.

Chelsea's Mom was the U.S. Senator from New York from 2000-2008. It is here where I assume Chelsea and Ivanka became friends. Then Hillary was the Secretary of State under Barrack Obama from 2008-2013. Hillary then "left" to focus on her 2016 Presidential run. Ivanka is Donald Trump's kid from his second marriage. Today Chelsea is 38 and Ivanka is 36, so neither is above criticism. Chelsea's nearly the same age as JFK (43) when he was elected.

First let's deal with Ivanka because my critism of her is short. She is an ornament. She doesn't have a policy.

Now Chelsea, she should know better. My problem is with Chelsea. So you're not friends with Ivanka because of her "policies?" Let's, for argument's sake, assume you're right. Your parents didn't have a problem taking money from that horrible family. Every time you criticize Ivanka, you are criticizing yourself, there are pictures everywhere on the internet of your families hanging out together, it's not a well guarded secret....


At the beginning of the Republican Primaries, there was a big to-do about all candidates taking a loyalty pledge to support the eventual Republican Nominee. The angle was, once Bush or Cruz won, the pledge would keep a surging Donald Trump from running third party or make him look like a giant hypocrite if he did. But the pledge backfired and Trump won the nomination, then a bunch of candidates reneged, most notably Jeb Bush and John Kasich. Because it wasn't about the pledge at all, it was about keeping Trump out of the "club" and keeping him from hurting the eventual nominee.

Editor's Note: Repeatedly we begged you not to vote for Trump. But you didn't listen.

Same thing here. Ivanka was fine to hang out with when Chelsea's parents were in charge, but when Ivanka's parents are in charge, Chelsea all of a sudden has soured on Young Ivanka's politics. I would speculate that Chelsea didn't know what Trump's politics were, because she just assumed her Mother would be President one day. She never imagined that there'd be a President Trump. They were still friend as late as the Summer of 2016.

For Chelsea, it was just about schmoozing with donors, it was never about friendship at all. Trumpies hate Chelsea, Clintonoids hate Ivanka. Neither have been elected to anything. Chelsea bitches about Ivanka, from the Colbert Show. Why was Young Clinton even on the Colbert Show? Before I get even more worked up about the subject, I need to remember that these two are basically the Kardashians of Politics.

Just a reminder, if their names were Chelsea Bozkowitz and Ivanka Kowalski, we wouldn't be talking about EITHER ONE OF THEM!

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