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Why is CNN my News Choice Again?

I woke up this morning and went straight to Facebook. The top story on my NewsFeed was R.I.P Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking was arguably the greatest mind of his generation, but I didn't trust the source (it was a post on the Dr. Demento fan page) so I went on over to the professionals at CNN:

At CNN, Stephen Hawking's death was A story.

It should have been THE story.

Pennsylvania Congressional Race? Moving the Anti-Republican Agenda.

Fox News getting sued? Moving the Anti-Fox News Agenda

Ben Carson? More Trump news?

Maybe I'm the one who doesn't have the pulse on what's news in the world. If I was the editor of a news organization today, I would have had the Headlines SCREAMING: STEPHEN HAWKING DEAD! With that in mind, I went on over to the Daily Mail.

Even though wildly inconsistent in content, how does a tabloid driven publication get it right over CNN. For the tie-breaker, I decided to give FoxNews Equal time:

Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking. FoxNews gets it right. Again, not only was Hawking one of the greatest thinkers of our time, he was a champion of the Human Spirit. He beat all odds to overcome a death sentence in his 20's in reference to his Lou Gehrig's Disease diagnosis.

Editor's Note: All Screen Shots taken at 6:10-6:13 a.m today. Not sure why the clock is off at Fox News.


As a huge fan of modern animation, one of my favorite episodes of Mike Tyson Mysteries is where Mike Tyson re-unites with his brother Neil Degrasse Tyson. Of course they're not brothers, but it's a funny premise. Not only was Stephan Hawking a titan of science, he was a funny guy...

Stephen Hawking on the Simpsons.

Stephen Hawking on Futurama

Both the Simpsons and Futurama used the voice of Stephen Hawking himself. He was also voiced by other actors in other series:

Stephen Hawking on The Fairly OddParents

Stephen Hawking on Family Guy

And, maybe the most amazing thing to me, is besides influencing pop culture through animation, books, and tv series, is he influenced RAPPERS!

MC Hawking drops bombs on fools that don't respect SCIENCE!


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