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Killer Mike & Adult Swim

The highlight of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon, which was an amazingly bad steaming pile of poo, was the song Blam Blam by Killer Mike. Released in 2007, it would be the beginning of a very creative collaboration between Adult Swim and Killer Mike. (To my knowledge, there's not a music video for the song, though there should be.)

The whole reason for this 400 word article is simply an excuse to share this gem, Oh Mama by Run the Jewels. (Which is Killer Mike and El-P). The song dropped just this week, if you're a Rick and Morty fan, you have to watch it.

You should like the Run the Jewels performance, it's a good song, but even if you don't like rap, the video works for other genres....


Shhhh. Don't tell Adult Swim, but you can take other artists and still make the Rick and Morty Video work.

Just goofing around, I ripped the video and then played The Clash's Somebody Got Murdered under it. It worked surprisingly well.

Like when watching the Wizard of Oz with The Dark Side of the Moon playing underneath,

you can use your imagination with the Rick and Morty animation.

If you click the play video button, then click play on Keep on Runnin' by Anthrax. That also works nicely.

Or, start the Rick and Morty video, and then at the 11 second mark, press play on the song 7 vs 8 by the Jesus Lizard.

That brings the video to a new level of cool.


Returning to the task at hand. You shouldn't need an alternative, I was just distracted...

Back in 2010 Killer Mike teamed up with Flying Lotus and released Swimming. It was picked up a year later in the Adult Swim Singles series.

Run the Jewels' Oh My Darling (Don't Cry) from 2014's Adult Swim Single series.

Run the Jewels' Rubble Kings Theme from 2015's Adult Swim Singles series.

Run the Jewels' Talk to Me from 2016's Adult Swim Singles series.

And so on....

But Killer Mike isn't just a musician, Mike's a spoken word connoisseur. Things to Avoid from Killer Mike and Adult Swim

Not everything that Adult Swim touches turns to gold. (Like the aforementioned ATHFCMFFTC), but they at least get points for consistently trying.


My favorite Run the Jewels song?

Close Your Eyes (And Count to F^^^) with Zach de la Rocha

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