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Storms a Brewin' (Part II)

Apparently I can predict the future....

USA Today


The Daily Beast

The Huffington Post

Rolling Stone

The Daily Mail

Notice a trend? What about the same story, but from Right Wing sources.

Then I went over to Fox News. No story.

The Blaze. No story.

Breitbart. No story.

Drudge Report. No story.

Wall Street Journal. No story.

Said it before and I'll say it again. Alec Baldwin is funny. His Trump impersonation is mostly spot on. What SNL is, is a comedy show. SNL is not a news show.


One of the funniest Saturday Night Live sketches I ever saw was Phil Hartman channelling Ronald Reagan, Evil Mastermind. I laughed out loud then, and I laughed out loud when I found the above clip on YouTube. What I don't remember was news organizations covering SNL like it was a real voice in the ongoing Iran-Contra Scandal. People forget that by 1986, there were whispers that Reagan was "off his game." There were no CNN headlines screaming Hartman Skewers Reagan on Iran the next morning. It was just good comedy.


Addendum May 7, 2018

I can't let this slide. Checking on Monday Morning Headlines and found this:

Dean Obeidallah wants Trump gone. Obeidallah ain't gonna like what comes next. I actually researched Obeidallah's bio and he's about my age, has a comedy podcast, and has worked for Saturday Nigh Live. Again, a comedian is calling for the resignation of the President, which is their Constitutional RIght. I remember when George Carlin called for Nixon's resignation and penned a front page story for the New York Times. Let me pull that image from the Times....wait, that never happened? Obeidallah has won the BIll Hicks Award. I remember when Bill Hicks penned that lead story on CNN back in 1989....wait, that never happened either?

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