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The U-S of A Today

I was over at the USA Today yesterday looking at Editorial Cartoons. After looking at a few, I noticed a lot were against Trump. Then I started to keep tract of the cartoons selected, using only a few words to describe each.

  1. Internet

  2. Anti-GOP

  3. Anti Trump

  4. Indianapolis Colts

  5. Pollution

  6. Anti-Trump Policy

  7. Anti-Trump

  8. Anti-Trump

  9. Anti-Trump

  10. Anti-Trump

  11. Anti-Trump

  12. Anti-Trump

  13. Anti-Trump

  14. Anti-Trump

  15. Car Fire

  16. Anti-Trump

  17. Anti-Trump Policy

  18. Pro-Merkel?

  19. Florida

  20. Bourdain

  21. Anti-Trump

  22. Neutral to Trump

  23. Pro-Trump

  24. Veteran Affairs

  25. Bourdain

  26. Bourdain

  27. Veteran Affairs

  28. Anti-Trump

  29. Anti-Trump

  30. Anti-Trump

  31. Anti-Trump

  32. Kate Spade

  33. Anti-Clinton (Bill)

  34. Anti-Clinton (Bill)

  35. Anti-Trump

  36. Schultz 2020

  37. Anti-DeVos

  38. WLBT-TV

  39. Anti-Trump

  40. Anti-Trump

  41. Anti-Trump

  42. Anti-Trump

  43. Primaries

  44. Primaries

  45. Wedding Cakes

  46. Anti-Trump Policy

  47. Volcker Rule

  48. Anti-Trump Policy

  49. Anti-Trump

  50. Unemployment

  51. Unemployment

  52. Gambling

  53. Obesity

  54. Anti-Trump

  55. Tax Cuts

  56. Cockroach Milk

  57. Kool-Aid

  58. Anti-Trump

  59. Rosanne

  60. Rosanne

  61. Rosanne

  62. Rosanne

  63. Puerto Rico

  64. Puerto Rico

  65. School Shooting

  66. Police Brutality

  67. School Shooting

  68. Rosanne

  69. Rosanne

  70. Rosanne

  71. Tax Cuts

  72. Neutral to Trump

  73. Uber

  74. Uber

  75. Anti-Trump

  76. Anti-Trump

  77. Anti-Trump

  78. Pro-Trump

  79. Anti-Trump

  80. Anti-Trump

  81. Anti-Trump

  82. Iran

  83. Anti-Trump

  84. Neutral to Trump

  85. Neutral to Trump

  86. Jerusalem

  87. Royal Wedding

  88. Royal Wedding

  89. Anti-Trump

  90. Anti-Trump

  91. Anti-Trump

  92. Anti-Trump

  93. Anti-Trump Policy

  94. Anti-Trump

  95. Anti-Trump

  96. Anti-Trump

  97. Debatable about Trump

  98. Anti-Trump

  99. Anti-Trump

  100. Anti-Trump

  101. Anti-Trump

  102. Anti-Trump

  103. Pro-"Dreamers"

  104. Anti-Haspel

  105. Anti-Pruitt

  106. National Park System

  107. Anti-DeVos

  108. Anti-Ryan

  109. Anti-Trump

  110. Anti-Trump

  111. Anti-Trump

  112. Anti-Trump

  113. McCain

  114. Anti-Trump

  115. Anti-Trump

  116. Pro-Trump

  117. Free Speech

  118. Free Speech

  119. Michigan State Scandal

  120. Anti-Trump

  121. Trump Neutral

  122. Volcanos

  123. School Shooting

  124. School Shooting

  125. School Shooting

  126. School Shooting

  127. Police Brutality

  128. Education

  129. College Costs

  130. Gambling

  131. Gambling

  132. Baseball Coach Record

  133. Drugs

  134. Storms

  135. Tourists

  136. Storms

Notice any patterns in the choices of the 135 or so editorials?

Again, Trump is decrying the scourge of Fake News as America's biggest enemy.

And outlets like the USA Today defend their journalistic integrity and call Trump a Liar.

The Editorial Cartoon example is a perfect description of what's going on in the media today. The USA Today picks cartoons from hundreds of artists across the United States and Canada. They specifically choose a certain cross section of artistry that represent their views and pass on others. Do they chose the cheapest? Or the best? Or the funniest? Or ones created by certain syndicates? What are their processes? I'm confident that their selection process is officially "noneofyourbeezwax."

Donald Trump is wrong, the USA Today's news is not Fake.

And the USA Today is wrong, they are definitely not even close to neutral. Their news clearly slants to the left. Neither side admits their own faults.

In a partisan America, I understand how Trump was elected. What I don't understand is how people don't see the way it has become a cesspool of half-truths on all sides.


There's a local editorial cartoonist here in Cleveland named Jeff Darcy. I've followed his career since he worked at the local Sun Times. I remember a young Jeff Darcy stood out amongst the amateurs at the Sun Times with his humor and range of ideas. Once at the Plain Dealer, he was as likely to draw a cartoon about the local sports teams as anything political in nature.

But even Jeff Darcy has caught Trump Fever.

Subjects of Darcy's latest cartoons:

  1. Trump / H. Clinton

  2. Trump

  3. Trump

  4. Trump

  5. Trump

  6. B. Clinton

  7. Trump

  8. Trump

  9. Trump

  10. Trump

  11. Trump

  12. Trump

  13. Trump

  14. Trump

  15. Trump

  16. Trump

  17. Trump

  18. Local Councilman Joe Cimperman

Now most of the cartoons are negative in nature, but I noticed something in the comments sections this week. Other than controversial breaking Cavs or Browns news, Jeff Darcy's cartoons were producing more reaction than any other topic on

Which begets the question, does Darcy obsess with Trump, or does his employer dictate more Trump cartoons in order to drive traffic? Or both?

Which takes us farther down the rabbit hole. Is Trump good for the News business? Love or hate Trump, he drives passions on both sides. The Pro-Trumpies and the Anti-Trumpies playing the politics "game" to drive ad revenue. Does Darcy really think dropping Anti-Trump cartoons every other day is good for business? Apparently it is, because whether you love Trump, or love to hate Trump, the very subject moves the needle unlike any other topic in America.


I like Jeff Darcy. I don't want to become Jeff Darcy. I don't want to write about the same topic every day. All these leftists going crazy that Trump's in power, it's not like he beat Gandhi to become President.

With both the Left and the Right entrenched in their positions, it's seems like independent voices are now getting squeezed out of the debate.

#Trump #clevelandcom

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