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The Last Warped Tour

As my kid prepares to go to the local stop of the Last Vans Warped Tour, she hadn't heard of most of the bands. The bands she loves, like My Chemical Romance or Panic! At the Disco, aren't going to be there.

So she kind of asked me about some of the bands. Not because I'm wise, but because she's probably going to avoid any bands that I suggest. In case she was being sincere, here's what I told her. (Keeping in my that I'm not a teenage girl.)

You should like the band Reel Big Fish, they're lots of fun. And make 'em play Beer because they didn't play the song when I went to Warped Tour another lifetime ago.

Stay away from Underoath. There's going to be a bunch of Angry Dads there.

You should at least give something new a try. Something not too hard, not too soft, like Trash Boat.

Or something so insane you won't know whether to love it, or hate it. A band you'll always remember. Something like Nekrogoblikon.

And just trust me and stay away from Twitzted.

"Why?" Because they're the poor man's version of ICP.

You can tell me if Every Time I Die is still one of the biggest bands on the tour...

....And make sure you check out a band playing early in the day, a band that no one has ever heard of, like Kaiser Solzie.


My favorite Warped Tour memory? Being in the front row when Sick of It All sang Us vs Them.

Unfortunately Sick of It All is touring Europe instead of playing the last Warped Tour.

Worst Warped Tour memory? I had heard that the DJ from House of Pain was in a new band, so I wanted to check out the band Limp Bizkit. They were TERRIBLE. My exact words were, "they're so bad, at least I'll never hear from them again."

One of the most wrong statements I have ever made in my life.

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