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Yeah, the CNN thing again. (Part III)

I want you to re-read that first paragraph from CNN last week.

Does that sound like an unbiased news report? I didn't say whether it was true or false, I'm saying does it sound unbiased. The answer is obviously NO. Even my most venomous Blog entry against Donald Trump does not approach the vitriol spouting from CNN.

Now they would counter that the story from Manisha Sinha was not a news story, but an opinion piece. And that's the scam. CNN hides behind the Manisha Sinha is entitled to her opinion angle, while at the same time they aren't publishing "opinions" from the right wing. CNN continues to bang the drum that journalists are under attack in America while stoking partisan fires. I'm not alone in this opinion, half the country sees this. The difference is, I actually agree with Sinha on some of her points. CNN cannot get it through their thick skulls that they are part of the problem. It's like when you see two people fighting and in the back of your mind you think "they're both wrong."

Next thing you know, CNN will be citing famous athletes to warn us of how bad Trump is....

LeBron is half right. Trump is using football to divide us and if you know anything about the USFL you know that Trump has a personal ax to grind with the NFL. But the best player in that league is a Trump fan and tries to avoid talking politics. So CNN picked the biggest athlete in the world THAT AGREES WITH THEM. It's really a very basic equation. CNN asked the question:

Who moves our agenda and generates the most clicks? LeBron.

CNN doesn't care about the best player in hockey.

Sidney Crosby on White House Visit: It's Not about Politics

CNN doesn't care about the best player in baseball.

(Mike) Trout has no public feuds to speak of, no memorable quotes, no social media hashtag, no non-sports IMDb credits. The next step for an athlete of Trout’s stature would be to become the kind of celebrity who transcends the sport, like LeBron or Michael Jordan, but entering his sixth full season in the big leagues, he hasn’t shown any interest in doing so. - The Ringer

CNN is about goading Trump and Trump is about tweeking CNN. Those who cite journalistic integrity aren't paying attention. For all of Trump's rhetoric, he is not actually doing anything to shut down CNN. He is badgering them like they are badgering him. You would think that reality show fodder would be beneath the President of the United States of America, but I digress...


Mailbag: Why don't you ever criticize Alex Jones?

Great question. Because I'm not actually stupid enough to listen to InfoWars. I watched CNN as a kid (yeah, I was a dork), and I am dismayed that the Most Trusted Name in News has become so unapologetically partisan.

Alex Jones' Sandy Hook take is so morally reprehensible that it's right on the line of speech that should be restricted.

I just assume that rational Americans ignore Alex Jones.

For those who actually buy into Jones' conspiratorial bullshit, I have a real conspiracy for you:

Almost all American Conspiracies are fake. There's too much money to be made by people writing books, going on talkshows, and selling conspiratorial products for anyone to keep a secret anymore. Conspiracies, more often than not, are a breakdown of communication and good ol' fashioned laziness that people attempt to cover up.


You probably don't want to go to Beacon of Speech anymore either. I need to stop writing about James and write about other athletes that don't suck the air out of the room. After this LeBron article, I'm probably moving my primary news source to the AP News.

Editor's Note 2019: I was checking old articles and found that the Hillary Clinton/LeBron James Video was removed from YouTube. Wonder why that got taken down?

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