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Yeah, the CNN thing again (Part IV)

Yesterday morning at 6:55 a.m. I was getting my morning news fix.

I was at AP when the story of the London Terrorist Attack was breaking.

I read the article, but I wanted more info....

So I went to FoxNews because CNN was on timeout.

But in the back of my mind, I was curious. Was terrorism the lead story everywhere? Was CNN still fixated on Trump. I then went to the Daily Mail.

Terrorism. A different kind, but still terrorism. I couldn't shake it. I had to know what the lead story at CNN was.

Of course. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. (And Aretha Franklin.)


Also yesterday, esteemed Free Speech champion Noam Chomsky came out in defense of Alex Jones. Sticking to his principles related to Free Speech, Chomsky argued the same thing I always argue: It doesn't matter what side you're on, without free speech principles, this country is doomed. Who reported Chomsky's defense of Jones? Alex Jones himself. If I don't read Alex Jones, how did I know the article existed? The Drudge Report. It didn't have the source, just the headline.


Happy Birthday to ME. As a present to myself, I'm going to do some shameless self-promotion.

Hidden somewhere on my site is the core belief of where the edges of Free Speech lie.

Everything you disagree with is not hate speech. Hate Speech is basically we are going to kill or harm (YOUR GROUP) or take away all of (YOUR GROUP'S) money or rights. That's about it.


"Johnson, who ran for president as a Republican in 2012,(1) became best-known as a potential spoiler for Democrats in the 2016 presidential contest (2)—he received nearly 4.5 million votes, the most of any Libertarian nominee in history.(3) Despite that, his 2016 campaign was widely recognized for a series of gaffes (4) including a well-documented moment in which he asked “What is Aleppo?” on national television. (5)

He had previously said after the presidential election that he would not seek office again." (6)

  • (1) Johnson briefly ran in 2011 as a Republican. Withdrew from Republican Race in December of 2011. Ran as a Libertarian in 2012. (I voted for him. I made that vote in 2012.) Statement 1 is false.

  • (2) Everyone who ran against Clinton in 2016 was a "spoiler." You know who else was a spoiler for Clinton? Donald Trump. Statement 2 is opinion.

  • (3) True.

  • (4) Johnson's 2016 campaign was a series of gaffes? No one is perfect, but the largest gaffes were from the Clinton and Trump campaigns. Statement 4 is opinion. I can name 1 major gaffe by Johnson, at least 5 from Trump and Clinton.

  • (5) Aleppo was Johnson's biggest gaffe. True. Johnson proved he wasn't a good Jeopardy contestant.

  • (6) Johnson said he wouldn't seek office again. True. Johnson is not running for President again, but is running for the New Mexico Senate Seat. Boy that fib was a doozy. I'm glad that Resnick's candidate never doubled back on anything she had ever said.

As little as Resnick knows about Johnson is as little as I know about Dem Party Devotee Resnick.

Resnick, who writes for multiple national publications, probably clubs baby seals in his spare time. The reason he does it? Donald Trump loves baby seals. What Resnick doesn't understand is that Trump meant he loves to WEAR baby seal fur. The Democrats and Republicans, two peas in a pod, clubbing away on the Arctic wildlife.

It's the Libertarians who are pure as the driven snow.

(See, that was Fred's opinion, Daily Beast style.)


Editor's Note: We merged articles.

Dead President Photo Essay

Came across an article on Drudge Report condemning the band Pearl Jam (!?!) for designing a promotional flyer with a skeletal image of President Donald Trump on it.

"The depiction of the skeletal remains of President Trump and a burning White House is reprehensible and shows just how completely unhinged and radicalized the far-left has become."-KGVO

Sometimes I think people just don't pay attention. I remember bands using Dead Presidents in their art since 1979.....

Trump & Municipal Waste

Bush (W) & Ministry

Reagan & Suicidal Tendencies

Reagan & Reagan Youth

JFK & The Misfits get the idea. I've got to get some sleep.

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