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Venting About Unpleasant People -or- Miscellaneous (August 2018)

John McCain and Donald Trump

Part I of John McCain's Life: A True American Hero.

Part II of John McCain's Life: A True Lifetime Politician, Republican through and through. How can I say that? Again, when John McCain had the chance to endorse a third party candidate to stop Donald Trump, he passed. Hell, he could have even run as a third party candidate to cut off Trump at the knees. He didn't. Every time he was a Maverick, he would eventually pledge his loyalty back to the Republican Party. Not Conservatism, the Party.

As the talking heads mourn John McCain for being one of the few Republicans to reach across the aisle, I remember a man who couldn't walk away and took swipes at Donald Trump at every opportunity. I don't care that John McCain attacked Trump after he was elected, I'm angry because it was disingenuous. If McCain was a true Maverick, he could have endorsed personal friend Hillary Clinton before the election. He could have given traction to Libertarian Gary Johnson. McCain was one of the few with the leverage to stop Trump before the election but chose his loyalty to the Republican Party over the future of the country. Trump is Trump, he didn't become any worse after being elected President. McCain was the prototypical politician during the election cycle, he talked a good game, but sat on his hands when it came to actually doing anything to stop Trump. Between questionable judgement concerning the Keating Five Scandal, to cementing his legacy as a self-serving politician at the end of his career, his Vietnam service seemed like it was a long, long time ago.

Even as I write this, Cindy McCain is looking to take her husband's seat in the Senate and countries around the World are praising the death of a Warmonger. I will sadly remember John McCain as just another Politician who stuck around too long.

Talking about Trump, I don't care if Donald Trump had prostitutes lined up on a giant row of beds, as long as he used his own money, he didn't break campaign law. Did you think Donald Trump was a good person? I didn't. Trump's moral compass has been askew probably his whole adult life. For the people who act shocked, they haven't been paying attention. Please impeach Trump based on policy and not morality.

Do I wish Trump was a better person? Of course I do.

I also wish I'd win the lottery, but wishes don't come true.


Asia Argento

Editor's Note: Vulgar Language Ahead

When Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, there seemed to be a strange narrative about the relationship between Argento and Bourdain. Now, as facts roll in about Argento's personal life, you find out that Argento just liked c@#k. Everyone's had a relationship where they thought they were the only one, when in hindsight they found out that they were just one of many.

Argento should still sue Weinstein, but I feel bad because Bourdain got hooked by the Tail of a Twister. There are girls out there that are simply sexual beings, (guys too) but they leave a trail of emotional wreckage wherever they go.

Do I want to talk about my tornado story? No. No I don't.


Jamele Hill

Jamele Hill played herself off as the victim, but she got a $2.5 million payout to leave ESPN. Let's make a prediction, shall we? Her next job will not be on a sports channel, but a news site that covers some sports stories. I'm thinking Mother Jones or the Huffington Post. The problem is that they don't pay like ESPN. So with that being said, I also predict a lawsuit from Hill that she's being blackballed from other sports outlets, like Fox Sports.


Ohio State Buckeyes

I keep hearing that "it seems like Ohio State only cares about winning."



The Catholic Church

At some point, you've got to put the offending Priests AND the Bishops who know in jail. I'm not mad specifically at this Pope, no Pope has taken this subject seriously because it keeps happening over and over again. For God's Sake, there's a Wikipedia Page on the Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal that would take you half a day to read.

If you put most of the church hierarchy in jail, it could decimate the church. I would argue that the Catholic Church seems bent on destroying itself on its own.

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