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Miscellaneous (Politically Incorrect Edition)

I like Comedian Eric Andre. His humor is hit or miss, but I respect his Fearlessness. I also enjoy "The Eric Andre Show" and his voice work on Disenchantment.

So I was literally knocked over when I read that Eric Andre made $17,000 from his movie "Bad Trip." Not only that, but it was in production, on-and-off, for a decade. That's easy math, just over a grand of profit a year.

No one, and especially a comedian, can afford that business model.


"After spending months insisting that the infusion of billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund would compromise the integrity of golf itself, the venerable PGA Tour reversed course and decided their ethics had a price tag after all.
As first reported by CNBC, LIV Golf, the upstart golf tour backed by an infusion of seemingly untold petrodollars used to lure away a slew of high-profile golfers, has merged with the PGA tour, thus putting an end to months of legal squabbling.
Now that everyone’s decided to play nice, the PGA can add its name to many of the leagues and sports federations that have rubber-stamped the Saudi Kingdom’s ongoing sports washing efforts: trying to obscure or at least distract from their decades-long history of human rights violations by putting athletes front and center and hoping they’ll be who fans associate with Saudi Arabia, and not all their documented atrocities.
So while today’s announcement came as a shock, this was always the endgame. Whatever high-minded concerns the PGA evinced, they didn’t stand a chance when confronted with, as Tiger Woods put it, “an endless pit of money.”

I was going to go on a long winded missive about the corrupt Saudi Bastards buying out the corrupt PGA Snobs, but then I realized I could sum the situation up in 3 sentences:

PGA in 2022: Saudi Arabia is the Devil!

PGA in 2023: We love Saudi Arabia!!!

U.S. Senate in 2023: We smell something fishy.

Joseph William Monahan IV shouldn't be in the hospital, he should be in a prison cell.


Till Lindemann is the lead singer of the German metal band Rammstein and he got in a bit of hot water this week when he was accused of grooming and assaulting female fans.

Listen, I am sorry to be callous, but I could argue that Till is the biggest Rock Star in Germany's history. I just assumed he had a prodigious sexual appetite. I think of him as Germany's version of Gene Simmons.

You're screaming at me that being a Rock Star doesn't give you a license exploit women. I am not saying that's how music should be, I am just saying that's how rock stars roll.

Maybe Merlin Alderslade at Metal Hammer can explain it better:

"Be honest: if we told you there was once a music artist who stunned local media by bringing his own, fully-leashed-up gimp to a book signing, a member of Rammstein would be one of your first guesses, right?... Never one to make an understated entrance, (In 2018) Till arrived on the scene dressed in shades, boots and a fetching leopard skin suit jacket, followed by a leashed, female BDSM gimp crawling on all fours and lurching around as she 'mingled' with unsuspecting signing attendees."

I mean, at some point, you kind of have to know there's an inherent risk in dealing with rock stars, right?

(2 days later at CNN: Till Lindemann accused of having sex with groupies AND doing drugs.)

Editor's Note: Just minutes before we could hit the Publish Button-

Key quote? "All I heard from Till's parties were adults celebrating together."


In their first 5 seasons, the Las Vegas Golden Knights were 267-147-41. Gary Bettman set that expansion franchise up to succeed.

What's my beef with the Golden Knights? When the Columbus Blue Jackets joined the NHL in the year 2000, they missed the playoffs in 11 of their first 12 seasons. That same year, the Minnesota Wild also joined the league and proceeded to miss the playoffs in 8 of their first 11.

In Columbus' case, Gary Bettman's attitude was that Ohio should be grateful to have a team. Cleveland lost an NHL and a WHA franchise in the 1970's. Cincinnati also lost a WHA franchise. Bettman was doing Columbus a favor by moving there. He did them no favors in expansion.

In Minnesota's case, Gary Bettman's attitude was that Minnesota, too, should be grateful to have a team. The North Stars moved to Dallas and the Commissioner was doing the Twin Cities a favor by returning a team to the city. He did them no favors in expansion either. Not only did Minneapolis lose the North Stars, but they lost the Fighting Saints in the 70's.

Gary Bettman was itching for the NHL to be the first pro sport in Vegas. As badly as Vegas wanted a team, Bettman wanted to be in Vegas worse. Bettman's hedged his Vegas Bet when he gave the Golden Knights some "friendlier expansion rules."

As the Golden Knight haul the Stanley Cup around the dessert, how do you think hockey fans in Ohio or Minneapolis feel? And I haven't even mentioned how badly Gary Bettman screwed Quebec Fans. He basically alienated an entire province and didn't lose a minute of sleep over it..


Chandelis Duster is wrong on so many points, it nearly broke my brain.

  • Isn't it insulting that Black Women had to go to White Women for action? That sounds like 1950. Black Women have the right to march on the Capital themselves.

  • Hundreds of White Women Showed Up? That's not very many. More people show up to a local church service. Is CNN going to start covering church services?

  • Just a reminder: White Privilege isn't Real. What happens in America is Rich Privilege.

  • Just a reminder II: Ms. Duster shouldn't be eroding a Black Man's Constitutional Right to a Gun, should she? Shouldn't she be fighting for MORE Black Citizens' rights, not LESS?

  • How many stories in America go uncovered if CNN plays the race card every single day?


Earlier this week, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, died in a Federal Prison at the age of 81.

I have to be very, very careful on how I word this.

In college I had a picture of the Unabomber on my bulletin board. I did not believe in his message or his means, but on some level I respected Mr. Kaczynski.

How could I say such a diabolical thing? Kaczynski wrote a very long-winded manifesto that railed against the encroachment of technology. Where did the Feds find him? Literally in a shack in Montana. I could argue that Kaczynski was in the farthest reaches of the American Wilderness. Today, celebrities tour the world on private jets railing about global warning, burning through more fossil fuels in a day than I use in a year. Many of America's Rich don't understand the global footprint model.

Ted Kaczynski was one of the very few modern Americans who actually lived what they preached.

Editor's Note II: There are certain lines we try not to cross at Beacon of Speech. We try not to write Manifestos. We do not advocate violence. (Except for allowing fighting in hockey or arguing for the existence of violent sports like the NFL or the UFC.) But as a free speech website, Ted Kaczynski exists in the land of moral grey areas.

Besides bombing things, Kaczynski, wrote and wrote and wrote. Who read his missives? Almost no one. You could argue that when the New York Times published his work, Industrial Society and Its Future, the actual words on the page weren't scandalous, his thesises weren't unlike other thesises by Ivy League Academics (which he was.) His work was scandalous because he bombed people.

But what are your goals in life? Surprisingly, Kaczynski's third book Technological Slavery, Volume 2 is coming out soon. If Kaczynski's goal was to get his beliefs into the public forum, well, then technically he succeeded.

Again, you are screaming at your monitor, BUT HE BOMBED PEOPLE!!!

Barack Obama just published his 4th book, he bombed people.

Donald Trump just published his 19th book, he killed people.

As technology encroaches on all aspects of life, Kaczynski's prose may resonate more with sympathetic generations in the future.

Theodore J. Kaczynski is already listed as a pillar of Modern Green Anarchism.


Unlike the Unabomber, who really got bogged down in the minutiae of history while writing, I wrote most of this article while watching Manchester City beat Inter Milan 1-0 in the Champions League Final.

There were some real slow spots in the game interrupted with spurts of chances.

I thought the MVP of the game was City's goalkeeper Ederson, not Rodri.

But they didn't give me a vote.


A much better soccer game was the United States beating Mexico 3-0 last night in Las Vegas.

8 Yellow Cards

4 Red Cards

ESPN: "Choas"

CNN: "Fiery"

Uh, why was the game a lead story at CNN? Apparently bad Mexican fans were chanting the word "puto" at the Americans?


.You know how many games I've been to, or watched, where the fans were chanting "asshole" or "f--- you?" Your argument is that Mexican Fans have been bad before.


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