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Black Hole - Puppy

One of the few bands that I go out of my way to follow is the Metal band Puppy.

(Yeah, I wish they had a better name.)

So yesterday they released a new single called Black Hole and even heavyweights like Revolver Magazine sang the praises of their new effort. I anxiously checked out the video and was disappointed. Not another band clipping together tour antics...

Despite a catchy tune, I turned off the Puppy video about a minute and half in and moved on. But all day today their lack of effort really bothered me. Puppy is awesome, it's not like them to half ass the cleverness. I went back and watched the whole video today.

It was awesome. I wasn't patient the first time around. The video is a dark and subversive take on the typical cut and paste video editing of hi-jinx on the lonely road.

I, again, highly recommend that you check out Puppy.

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