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Have you read the last couple of Beacon of Speech posts? I'm a Libertarian and no one listens to me. Waahhhh. Today's athletes are spoiled millionaires. Wah, wah, wah.

Where's the fun? Where's the "we're young and gonna burn down the city" attitude? Where's the crackle and exuberance of youth? You can write about anything you want and you're writing about fossils like Donald Trump and Norm MacDonald? C'mon. You should be writing about FIDLAR!!!

FIDLAR is an amazing punk band that burst into the nation's consciousness in 2013 with their debut, self-titled album FIDLAR. Right out of the gate, they burned their brand of punk straight into the frontal cortex of America's brain with the amazing song Cocaine with Nick Offerman of Parks and Rec fame.

And then they followed that up with one of the most clever low-budget videos you're ever going to see. 40 oz. on Repeat.

You might not like what young punks have to say, but their new song released last week definitely has a profound and urgent message.

The herd can't handle the truth. FIDLAR SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST BAND IN AMERICA!

As they cover the classics.

And ask important questions, like:

Are you high?

They're so big on the West Coast, they even had a duet with Dr. Dre (almost)....

Being SoCal kids, they're of the lineage of Old School Punks who just want to...

Wake, Bake, and Skate.

Reminding the public about un-Politically Correct subjects.

You know, like sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

What is FIDLAR's politics? One last time, they are PUNKS with a basic philosophy....

FIDLAR - F@&k It Dog, Life's A Risk



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