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A Celebration of the Life & Art of Caleb Scofield -or- Isis (the band) is Back (briefly)

Before Friday, I wasn't familiar with Caleb Scofield. After a minimal amount of research, I found out that he was most famous for being in the band Cave In, but was also in the bands Old Man Gloom and Zozobra. All 3 bands, at one time or another, were signed to Aaron Turner's Hydra Head Records label. Scofield died in a car accident this past spring and left a wife and 2 young children behind.

A couple of days ago, an ad came up on my Facebook feed for a Live Stream Concert to raise money for the Scofield Family.

Why does Facebook want me to watch this concert? I like Pelican, but I never even heard of the band Celestial. But then I looked closer....

Turner, Harris, Caxide, Gallagher, Meyer.... why does that sound familiar.....Turner.....


Isis quietly broke up in 2010. Half the band went on to form Palms (too soft) and Turner went on to form Sumac (too hard). It's been a long time since I wanted to see a concert so bad. A one-off reunion to raise money for a dearly departed friends' family.

I'm watching that.


So last night, around 10:20 pm, the band 27 went on. 27 was fine, but their brand of indie rock doesn't appeal to me.

Around 11:00-ish, the band Old Man Gloom came on. They were too hard. (Not unlike Sumac.)

Around Midnight, the band Pelican came on. They were awesome. At 12:35 am, 825 people had joined me on the live stream. At 12:45-ish, I.... fell.... asleep.

When I woke up, all I wanted to do was watch the concert. Alone. Away from family members that don't appreciate the genius of Isis (the band). You can watch the 5 1/2 hour concert below.

But who am I kidding? You have to watch Isis, who played from the 3 hour mark to the 3 hour 45 minute mark. The band was grayer, and their hair was thinner, but their music was frozen in time. It was like 10 years didn't exist between shows. So far today, 14,000 people had watched at least part of the concert and I'm watching the Isis part for a second time.

So instead of me just rambling on and on, watch and listen to arguably my favorite band of the past 20 years.



Set List from Metal Injection

  1. Carry

  2. So Did We

  3. In Fiction

  4. The Beginning and the End

  5. Celestial (The Tower)

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