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Two Tribes -or- Y'All Ain't Goin' to Like This Article

I remember being a kid in 1980 and I was scared for America. Carter was doing a terrible job and I remember the headlines of Gas Shortages and the Iranian Hostage Crisis. And then there was something shady about Reagan. (Which would be confirmed a year later when he fired my Uncle and the rest of his ilk in PATCO.) So even though Carter had experience running Georgia and Reagan had experience running California, I asked anyone who would listen "why can't we vote for John B. Anderson?"

By 1984 I hated Reagan while the rest of the country was in love with him. While Reagan was cruising toward the home stretch of his 1984 re-election, a young band from Great Britain dropped a controversial video that would anger most of America.

Two Tribes was a #1 hit in Britain. In America though, the song didn't even dent the Top 40. The song was a scorching rebuke of American and Russian politics. I had never seen a music video that captured the essence of geopolitical events so well. Many were angered by the non-respectful way in which Reagan was portrayed in a public forum, Frankie Goes to Hollywood had crossed the line. They didn't care, they didn't live in America.

Which brings us to today.....


All over the news sites, the battle lines have been drawn. The Trumpies and the Blue Wave Mob are both cursing the other for the political climate. Searching the internet, I wanted to find a music video that captured today's political environment. What I found was 2016's Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels. The video was a hit on YouTube, racking up millions of views, but the song barely dented the rap OR the alternative charts.


Favorite lyric dissin' Trump: Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest

But Trump isn't running. He can't be un-elected at the 2018 election. All you can do is to try to tie your friends/enemies to him. You couldn't tell that by the media coverage.


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