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Train to Busan

Thanks to the magic of Netflix, I got to watch one of the best Zombie Movies ever made, Train to Busan. Never heard of it? It was the top moneymaker in Korea in 2016. If you can get past the subtitles (some people can't), you'll find a movie with heart and a social commentary underneath. Without spoiling the plot too much, it's a touching tribute to human relationships interrupted by World War Z level zombies.


Secretly I have been plodding through a screenplay of a movie of my own that will never be made. It has a working title of Satanic Zombies and the outline is in my head. As of today, it exists on paper at a length of about 20 pages. It's the opposite of Train to Busan. Instead of relying on plot and touching moments, my goal is to create the speed metal version of a zombie film. Specifically in the spirit of Gung Ho by Anthrax.

Totally off point, but Gung Ho by Anthrax is one of my favorite songs. Today I learned it was mostly written by musicians not in Anthrax today. Anthrax's first full-time lead singer, Neil Turbin wrote the song. Joey Belladonna made it his own. The music was from Scott Ian (whom you all know), Neil Turbin, and Dan Lilker. Lilker was also in Anthrax for only a brief time, though long-time fans recognize the name from the Anthrax side-project Stormtroopers of Death.

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