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Messing with (Again?) Yes, Again. (Part III)

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

You know how I felt yesterday? Stupid. I should be mad, but I'm not. I grew up reading the Cleveland Plain Dealer and as the newspaper shrank down to the size of a pamphlet over the years, I still read the PD. About the time that the PD went from 7 days a week to 3 day a week delivery, I moved from primarily reading the newspaper to primarily reading I missed reading the unique content by some of the sports writers, but other than that the Plain Dealer was barely missed. The reason being is because I could get similar free content on the internet.

And I liked the internet better. I wrote Letters to the Editor that were never printed in the paper, but enjoyed making comments online using the Comments Section. I used to comment frequently at about sports and music. As Beacon of Speech grew, I began commenting on everything. About a year ago, some of my comments started to get flagged at the website. I like to think that I have a fair grasp of community standards, even if I break them once in a while, but this time, which was like the fifth time it happened, I took the banning personally and felt slighted that I gotten banned. Since I have my own Blog, I am going to go ahead and defend myself. Here's the latest article in question:

Now we're not fans of Dean Obeidallah at Beacon of Speech. Why? Because Obeidallah's an Enemy of Free Speech. BUT, and it's a very big but, Obeidallah is right in suing The Daily Stormer. They crossed the line into hate speech and slander. Now attacking the Father of the publisher of the website is where you get into some grey areas, but the article was informative in the ways that groups are using the courts to cut the revenue streams of hate groups.

My issue is that Obeidallah is not Garrison Keillor, he's not a folksy liberal spinning tales from yesteryear. He is a comedian who thinks that his act is news. I love aggressive comedians, not condescending comedians:

How did I know about the CNN references? Because I cited them in 2 separate articles on my own website. In context, other commentators didn't know any of the people in the article, so I simply referenced the articles that brought Obeidallah onto my radar.

The question is, why did chose to pick up this specific AP News article? This is the whole gist of what I'm getting at. The Left-WIng Media keeps moving a specific narrative, that being they are neutral arbiters of the news being randomly persecuted. They are not. AP News had a fairly straight-forward story and picked it up to advance its agenda that Trump and the Nazis are marching on America.

The Right-WIng Media in America are basically one trick ponies. They follow conservative principles based on $$$. They are donkeys and the carrot is $100 bills. The Left-WIng tries to portray themselves as they are the center of the political spectrum. Very few outlets are.

Which seems to be the common thread to most of my disabled contents. When I try to shine a light on the left, they don't seem to appreciate it. They control the message. has the right to manage their enterprise as they see fit, just don't tell me that you aren't moving an agenda.

If they want to sue me for taking screen shots?

Ha, jokes on you, there is no wealthy Beacon of Speech benefactor, it barely exists....

Stomping on tiny....

Libertarian-leaning voices....

I'm tired of this....


Editor's Note: Now November 22, 2018

Hey, guess what? We didn't finish the article on time! There are no deadlines (yet) at BOS.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful to have Free Speech in America.

I'm grateful the BOS still exists, it keeps my flickering writing dreams alive.

And I'm grateful that still exists. I may feel dumb today, but in the back of my mind I know that the comments section at is going away soon also. CNN, ESPN, and The Blaze have all ditched their's in favor of social media platforms. They outsourced that part of their business model to Twitter and Facebook. is now closing commentary on anything remotely argumentative in the form of Galleries. One day's parent company will be looking for bloggers for content because their business model today is still long-term unsustainable.

(Not me, of course. Nice, Mommie Bloggers.)


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