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Hitting the (Pay) Wall

This has been bothering me for a little while now. Everywhere I go, there are pay walls springing up where there shouldn't be pay walls. Here are some examples from just today.

I really wanted to watch the movie Death of Stalin tonight. Well, it's on Hulu, and I have Hulu. So what's the problem? You have to have Hulu AND Showtime. Screw that, I'll wait another month. I'll watch something else that's 50 years old that I don't have to pay for.

I'll watch it's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World from 1963. I have YouTube and I'm sure it's on there.

Well, I was half right. It's on there for only $2.99.

Well maybe I'll drive to the library and watch it for free then. What, the library is closed? And the Blue Ray is not at this library, but at the library an hour away? Fine....

You know what, I didn't want to watch a movie anyhow. I'll just read. The Daily Beast always has intriguing and controversial articles. First article? More Trump News. Blech.

Scroll, scroll, scroll,

Okay, fine, I didn't want to read about the news anyhow. I'll go to good, old fashioned and read about my favorite Baseball team, the Cleveland Indians.

What do you know? ESPN gives you liberal propaganda for free, but they want you to pay for sports. How ironic.

You know what, I'm just going to play the stupid Browser game that I'm semi-addicted to.

Wait, all of my turns are over for the day? I have to buy some "diamonds" to keep playing today?

Uggh, looks like I'm working on the Blog tonight.

Writing about nonsense and First World Problems.

Editor: What's really bothering you today?



I can't go 30 seconds without reading about Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They dominate the news cycle and you, the reader, either loves one and hates the other, or vice versa. The problem is that they are BOTH the two biggest symbols of what's wrong with America.

Problem 1: Your place in society is based on $$$$. Pure and simple. Trump isn't the smartest, or hardest working, or most dedicated American. He started with every advantage and bought his way to the top, including buying his way out of problems (like prostitution scandals). All you Trumpies can save the whole "he's stickin' to the system" argument. Trump has exchanged the political morass of Washington D.C. with the corporate morass of New York City.

Donald Trump is the perfect example of American Greed.

Problem 2: And Ocasio-Cortez? She lives in a land of make believe and fairies. Socialism has never worked where different creeds and colors all get rich together. Never. Maybe everyone gets poor together (Venezuela), or maybe everyone is comfortable is a small country uniform in race and isolated from the rest of the world (Iceland). But socialism has never worked on a large scale. Never, NEVER. If you actually listened to what was coming out of Ocasio-Cortez's mouth, you would realize that the money doesn't exist to do what she proposes. Not even close.

The national debt is $20 Trillion or so, and her proposals would drive America straight into insolvency, not unlike the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It would be nice if every single American could have nice stuff, but guess what? Ocasio-Cortez wants to replace the deficit-spending habits of Washington D.C. with solutions that mathematically don't exist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the perfect example of American Stupidity.

And these are the 2 Americans that the Media is transfixed on. Am I really the only one in the country to see that the problems of the US symbolically lie with both of these figures?

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