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The Curse of Josh Gordon (Part V)

Mean Fred Hunt can't stop writing about the supremely talented, yet troubled, Josh Gordon.

As stated in The Curse of Josh Gordon (Part IV) the Browns were 20-77-1 with Gordon on the roster (or under the Browns control). Once Gordon was traded to the Patriots, the Browns have since gone 6-6 and still have a statistical shot at the playoffs (however slim.)

In the meantime, the curse was transferred to the New England Patriots. Last year the Patriots went 13-3 and were just minutes short of being Super Bowl Champions. This year they haven't looked as sharp and have "struggled" (by Patriots standards) with an 8-4 record since acquiring Gordon.

Just hours ago, Gordon announced he was leaving the Patriots to address mental health issues, which is complete bullshit. Gordon left the Patriots to address his bank account. Now the Patriots should be relieved because they can break their 2018 curse, but let's see if they do it. They need to cut Gordon now.

Josh Gordon left the Patriots because he's a restricted free agent next year and he does not want that. The mental health issues are a ruse to maximize his earnings potential. If Josh steps away from the Patriots, he ensures his health for his next payday. Because with Josh it's not about football, it's about doing drugs and getting paid. He believes he has never been paid his worth, even with all of the off-the-field issues, he thinks he's underpaid. With his stunt today, he can hit the free market if the Patriots cut him.

Josh Gordon has made just over $6 million in career earnings, which is nice for you and me, not so nice for an elite wide receiver in the NFL. With his skill set, I believe that Gordon thinks he can get a 1 year deal for $10-$14 million in 2019 on the open market. If the Patriots don't cut him, Gordon will just continue "counseling" until the end of the year. He could turn up mentally healthy if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, because then he could ball out for just one game and cut an even bigger payday for next season.....

Well, well, well, we interrupt our own article to bring you breaking news....

According to TMZ Sports, Josh Gordon either failed a drug test or no-showed for a drug test. So Josh Gordon is headed off to address his off-the-field issues before he can be banished from the league.

For all of you readers who are yelling at your monitor that Josh Gordon should be allowed to smoke weed AND play football, you haven't been paying attention...

Hypothetically, if Gordon only slipped up a little bit, my understanding is that there are ways around those little indiscretions.

Since the internet is swirling with rumors and innuendo, we're going to stop here, because even if Gordon is "guilty" there will be appeals.....

At least he isn't Cleveland's Problem anymore because the Josh Gordon Curse is real.


Updated Xmas Eve Eve -

Which ties up the Curse into a nice little bow. The Patriots, depending on where you live, are either 'cheaters' or 'competitors.' They do what it takes to win. In this case, they were using extensive resources just to keep Gordon on the field. At some point GORDON has to want to be on the field.

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